Chapter 227 Don’t turn your back on the good period of time

The moon had already passed midday and it had become the deep night.

A pair of red candles were lit on the dressing table and reflected the overlapping flowers and leaves by the window. Some wind passed through the window and brought in a bit of the fresh coolness of the later autumn, but it couldn’t break the warmth in the room.

After bathing, Shu Huan’s hair was half-wet. She sat on the bed as she hugged her knees with her chin against the soft satin quilt.

There was an unfamiliar gleam in her eyes. Her cheeks were a bit flushed and her lips were rouge. Her lips were moist and sparkling. Occasionally, they closed and occasionally they were curved into a smile.

There was no one who bothered her. She just sat there thinking about what had just happened. Sweetness, shyness, liking it and amazement; these various emotions lingered in her mind. Occasionally, when she regained her senses, she noticed that she was very foolish being like this. However, besides from sitting here in daze, she had nothing else to do. Or better said, she didn’t want to do anything at this moment. She was even too lazy to move her fingers now. So, in a lapse of concentration. She continued to sit there in daze.

Until when she heard the sound of the curtain being raised, Shu Huan was like a surprised rabbit and couldn’t care whether her hair was still wet. She got into the satin quilt, faced the wall, closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep!

Gu Xiran also had just finished bathing. His mood was obviously very good. He looked more and more glowing with health and vigor, outstanding and elegant. When he closed the door, turned and saw Shu Huan who was pretending to be asleep on the bed, the smile on his face grew. He walked to the bed, pushed her slightly and asked, “You didn’t fall asleep so soon, right? Your hair is still wet. Sit up for a moment.”

It was as if Shu Huan had done something bad. Her face was extremely hot. How would she dare to face him? Naturally, she ignored him and pretending to not have heard a thing. She didn’t even dare to move.

“Don’t pretend anymore,” Gu Xiran chuckled. “When had you sleep deeply like this?”

Being a married couple for a few months, he still knew how deeply Shu Huan slept.

Since she couldn’t pretend anymore, Shu Huan moved her body to more inside of the bed and said through the quilt, “Don’t be noisy. I almost fell asleep!”

Her voice had been suppressed by the quilt. Gu Xiran reached out to pull her quilt and said, “Don’t make yourself stuffy. Even if you want to sleep, sleep well. Don’t cover your face.”

“No!” Shu Huan shouted. She grabbed the quilt and was unwilling to let it go. Instead, she stuffed herself even more and said, “Go away, don’t pull my quilt. I’m too ashamed to face people!”

Gu Xiran was amused with her being like this. He no longer pulled her quilt, lay next to her and whispered against her ear, “”What did you do to make you ashamed to face people?”

Shu Huan was very ashamed. Even her ears turned red and her voice was almost inaudible, “You still dare to talk about it! Who let you…you actually…?”

Gu Xiran caught her off guard and pulled away the quilt covering her face.

Shu Huan suddenly saw light and screamed. She wanted to use her hands to cover her face, but her hands had been grabbed by Gu Xiran. He looked at her smilingly and asked, “What did I actually do?”

As matters stood, she could only face it even if being embarrassed.

Shu Huan stared at him for two second and humphed. She very unnaturally looked away, looked at the top and said, “Who let you actually…outside…”

She couldn’t continue. Gu Xiran also didn’t force her to finish and only laughed, “Did someone saw it?”

It was not as bad as having seen by someone. The night was so dark and the clothes of the two were only half-shed. However, when Shu Huan thought about it, her face still reddened and said, “It was also embarrassing even if no one saw it!”

When the love was strong, one didn’t have the time to care about that. However, when the two were sorting their clothes afterwards and called the maids, she wanted to dig a hole to bury herself because she didn’t remember whether she had suppressed her voice at that time. If she didn’t, then wouldn’t everyone heard her? the moment she thought about this, she would feel so embarrassed that she had the urge to cover her face.

“So embarrassing. It’s all your fault!” After Shu Huan expressed her embarrassment, she felt a bit better. She sighed, “How should I face people tomorrow?”

“Just facing people like this!” Gu Xiran put on a serious expression and pretended to cough twice.

Shu Huan laughed because of him and humphed once. She couldn’t lie down anymore, turned over and sat up. She hugged the quilt, looked at the door and said, “Is the door closed?”

“Closed!” Gu Xiran’s eyes were bright. He looked at her with a grin and said, “Could it be that wife wants to have another round?”

Shu Huan threw a pillow at him and said, “Gu Xiran, if you continue to tease me, I will get mad!”

“Trying to murder this husband!” Gu Xiran quickly caught the pillow. There was no other reason for that than that Chen shi didn’t know their habits and prepared a hard pillow for them. It would be very painful to be hit by it.

Shu Huan didn’t hit him, turned her face and scolded, “Shameless!”

Gu Xiran laughed and didn’t tease her any longer. He snatched half of the quilt and embraced her. He played with a strand of her hair.

This was a habit for the two of them. Every time she leaned against him like this and smelled the faint agarwood fragrance, Shu Huan would feel very peaceful. Her embarrassment disappeared gradually. Her face was also not so red as before anymore.

After her emotions calmed down, she couldn’t stay still anymore. She scribbled on the back of his hand, “What if…what if I get pregnant by accident?”

Gu Xiran froze slightly and then he couldn’t hold his laughter any longer and said, “Give birth to him/her!”

“I’m being serious!” Shu Huan looked at him. “What about the medication that you mentioned last time? Is it too late to take it now?”

Gu Xiran couldn’t hold it anymore and laughed, “Didn’t you already drink it?”

“I…,” Shu Huan was stupefied and tried to remember. “The medicine after the meal?”

“Yes,” Gu Xiran nodded laughingly.

Shu Huan was a bit annoyed, “You didn’t tell me!”

Gu Xiran said boldly, “If I tell you, you won’t drink it!”


There seemed to be nothing wrong with that. If he had told her and she had drunk the medicine, she would be nervous the whole while. It was better to not tell her! She was also to blame. Gu Xiran brought medicine for her out of nowhere. She should’ve thought of it. At that time, there were many people present and her head spun because of the house affairs; how would she had thought that he would act so quickly?!

“Big pervert…,” Shu Huan muttered. Her voice was very low and vague, but unexpectedly Gu Xiran heard her and smiled mischievously. That hand that played with her hair quietly slipped to her shoulder.

Shu Huan hasn’t noticed it yet and remembered one thing. She casted him a teasing glance and said, “When Zhang household came to cancel the marriage, did you say that you are fond of flowers, stay out all night occasionally and also wanted to take in concubines and maids to warm the bed?”

Was this crushing one’s own foot while trying to maneuver a rock?

Gu Xiran’s hand movements stopped and quickly explained, “I was lying to them. Wife, don’t take it seriously!”

“I don’t believe it! Who will destroy their own reputation?!” Shu Huan humped coldly intentionally. “You must think so. That was why you said that!”

Gu Xiran argued, “I did it to give them an excuse to cancel the marriage. Even when it is spread out, no one would take it seriously.”

It wasn’t easy to catch his wrongdoing, how could Shu Huan let it go so easily? Naturally, she had to grab it firmly and make things a bit difficult for him. She immediately put on a stern face and said, “I will take it seriously!”

Gu Xiran let out a sigh and said, “That is easy!”

Shu Huan was stupefied and asked, “What?”

Gu Xiran’s eyes brightened and laughed evilly. He leaned closer and whispered in her ear. Before, Shu Huan reacted, his hand slid down from her shoulder, making her cry out once. He didn’t wait for her to scold him, his body pressed her body down, he kissed her lips and sealed all her words.

The toss about in bed became lingering and the spoken language gradually became murmuring.

The red candle on the dresser suddenly lit up and a flower blossomed. Outside the window, the insects of the autumn still hummed happily. The moon pulled through the mist and it was partially covered.

The night was long, and they didn’t waste this good time.

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