Chapter 232 Begging earnestly

The eyes that old madam looked at Lin shi with became more complicated. There was disappointment and also rejoice. The gaze made Lin shi feel uncomfortable. She didn’t know what old madam was thinking about.

After a long time, old madam seemed to be talking to herself when she said, “Fortunately, I already saw it clearly in the past and didn’t let you manage the household.”

This remark was very mocking. All the blood in Lin shi rushed to her head and face at once. It happened that she couldn’t refute powerfully. She could only lower her head to hide her embarrassment.

Old madam sighed deeply and said with a disappointed tone, “Xiran and little Huan are people with good abilities. The business as well as the household are well-managed. It is because of them that you and me had nothing to worry about and can live like a prince! Don’t say that I didn’t give you tips. If you want to live comfortably, you have to lower that identity of the mother-in-law. You won’t die from that! In the future, also don’t go provoke them without knowing your place. They only took Xihe into account and didn’t bother with you. If they truly bother with you, you can only live miserably the second half of your life!”

Lin shi was extremely uncomfortable after hearing that. Her face reddened and paled repeatedly. She forcefully said, “I will remember it. Old madam…let’s talk about Shang Xin’s matter…”

Old madam glanced once at her and said, “Isn’t it very clear? What else is there to tell? The prefectural magistrate is like a fish back in water these few years in the officialdom. It was all because Xiran strategized for him. Naturally, he wants to have a closer relationship with Xiran! I think that it is true that the wife of the prefectural magistrate wanted to adopt a daughter but the original candidate may not have been Shang Xin!”

  • Like fish back in water: back in his proper surroundings.

Lin shi was dumbfounded for a moment. Then, she revealed an expression that she understood, “They wanted to adopt little Huan. Then, how did Shang Xin become involved in this?”

Old madam smiled slightly, “Do you think that little Huan is someone who cares about status?”

This question was truly not easy to answer. Lin shi recalled her memories and filtered Shu Huan’s past actions. She had to admit that Shu Huan didn’t care at all! She shook her head blankly.

Old madam said faintly, “Little Huan doesn’t care about status. Xiran also doesn’t like to be constrained. Why would they search for two more elders (the prefectural magistrate and his wife)? Naturally, they didn’t want this.”

Lin shi quickly said, “Then, it would still not be Shang Xin’s turn!”

Old madam said, “Shang Xin is little Huan’s maid and Xihe always run to her. How could she not see that the two likes each other? Not to mention her, even I have long seen it. Only you are so stupid to only get it when Xihe came to beg you!”

Lin shi was stumped for words. After half a while did she say, “I truly don’t know what good is there about that maid to let Xihe like her so much!”

“Xihe probably likes her frankness. She is not like other maids who were like a scared cat or trying to win his favor carefully. One time, I was sunbathing when I heard the two of them quarrel. In the end, it was Xihe who apologized to that girl,” Old madam sighed. “This is all fate! Who is whose fate was already destined by Yuelao’s red strings. There is no way to break it! I think that little Huan also knows this. Hence, she prepared a good identity for Shang Xin! Isn’t the adopted daughter of the prefectural magistrate a lot more presentable than a maid? Even if Xihe married her, they could be considered a match of equal social status and our family won’t become a laughingstock!”

  • Yuelao: the god of marriage and love

Lin shi still couldn’t believe it and asked, “Can the prefectural magistrate let himself be played like this?”

“What are you talking about?!” Old madam frowned deeply. “Just now, I wasn’t wrong for scolding you for being short-sighted! After the prefectural magistrate recognized Shang Xin as his adopted daughter, she naturally can marry Xihe. After she married Xihe, she is Xiran’s sister-in-law. Even if the relationship wasn’t as close as he wanted, but they are still relatives. This was exactly what the prefectural magistrate wanted; was this not enough for the prefectural magistrate to get the idea to adopt Shang Xin?”

As old madam spoke, she showed an expression of looking down on Lin shi and said, “And you still think that by that time, Shang Xin wouldn’t have a dowry? Presumably, because the prefectural magistrate wants to strengthen the friendship with Xiran, he would prepare a thick dowry and will make the wedding as presentable as possible! Besides, the dowry is just a trivial matter. With the support of the prefectural magistrate and the identity as his son-in-law, in the future, no matter if Xihe wanted to do business or be an official, he will have it a lot easier. Didn’t you think of these at all? You were also born in a great family and knows that a dowry is a woman’s private money. Even if there is dowry, it won’t be good for you to use it. Why do you only think about those things that crush the bottom of the box and that never can be yours?!”

Only now did Lin shi understood, but she was very ashamed after listening to old madam. She sat there blankly for a long time before she suddenly jumped up and said, “Then…how…how do I deal with this matter…?”

Old madam turned her head and said, “She worked and planned hard for your son and didn’t even get a gratitude from you. Instead, she was reprimanded by you. It would be strange if she isn’t angry! I won’t bother with this matter anymore. I don’t have this face to go beg for you. You offended her, you go beg!”

“I…,” Lin shi felt much regret, but to let her put down her pride and go apologize, she felt it very hard to take.

Old madam was taking joy in her calamity and said, “If you want to beg, go sooner lest little Huan truly passed those words to Shang Xin. If that maid is no longer willing to marry, you have to go beg her also. Then, you will lose even more face and also cause Xihe to resent you!”

After she said that, Lin shi didn’t dare to hesitate any longer. No matter how much face she would lose, she had to give it up for Gu Xihe! She gritted her teeth and for the first time in her life, she showed perseverance. She lifted her skirt and hurriedly ran out.

Inside Gu residence’s yard, Shu Huan was being begged by Gu Xihe who was at loss about what to do, “Second sister-in-law, help me. My mother is unwilling to let me marry Shang Xin. Presumably, old madam is also unwilling. You have to go talk to the two of them for me.”

In front of him, Shu Huan was a lot more casual. She put all the anger that she had suffered just now on her face and said helplessly, “Old madam is an old fox and your mother is always unreasonable. I won’t go court a rebuff! You go deal with your matter yourself. I won’t care anymore!”

“How can this be?!” Gu Xihe smiled flatteringly. “Now, old madam loves you the most. These few years, my mother also listens to you about everything. As long as you go talk to them, it will be done!”

Shu Huan scolded laughingly, “Nonsense! Old madam still loves you the most! As for your mother, it was because she didn’t get a better idea that she had to listen to me. Now, that it was your marriage, she is in the right to make decision for you. Just now, she reprimanded me fiercely! That it won’t be done is that it won’t be done. I’ve already talked to them!”

“It can’t be done even after you have talked to them? Miserable! This time, I will be so miserable!” Gu Xihe immediately cried. In the past, he looked more like Lin shi. Now that he got older, he looked more and more like Gu Da. Although, it couldn’t be compared with the handsomeness of Gu Xiran, he could also be considered handsome and a graceful bearing. Only now that he cried, she could see some of his naughtiness from when he was a child again. It made Shu Huan be lost in thoughts and she remembered many things.

Remembering the past, the happy times with Gu Xihe of these years flashed through her. Shu Huan couldn’t help but laugh, pushed him and said, “Did you go talk to Shang Xin?”

Gu Xihe blushed and his voice became lower, “I…I have…”

He and Shang Xin could be considered childhood sweethearts. Although, the two knew clearly that they liked each other, they had never involved themselves in obscenity and also didn’t show any intimacy. Moreover, Shang Xin is very strong-minded. Shu Huan truly didn’t know if she was willing and quickly asked, “Did she agree?”

This time, even Gu Xihe’s ears got red and humphed, “She scolded me for going to beg my mother before she had agreed…Afterwards, she said…that as long as I don’t take concubines, she will marry…”

“Did you agree to not take concubines?”


Shu Huan knew that he didn’t like those concubines of Gu Da. These years, he also got accustomed between the affection of her and Gu Xiran. It wasn’t strange that he would agree. Hence, she only looked at him smilingly and said nothing.

Gu Xihe was a bit dejected and said, “After I agreed, she said that she would believe me once. If I don’t keep my words after marrying her, then I just have to wait to receive her letter of divorce…”

It was truly embarrassing to talk about it. Who in this world would write a letter of divorce for her husband?!

Shu Huan recalled that one time, Shang Xin came unhappily to ask her about what she should do if in the future her husband wants to take concubines. At that time, she was busy and didn’t paid much attention. She only teased her (SX) and then said divorce him. She didn’t expect that this maid would truly do it like that!

She couldn’t help but laugh out loud. When she saw Gu Xihe’s tangled expression, she teased him, “Why are your frowning? As long as you don’t take concubines, you won’t receive a letter of divorce. Or is it that you are only coaxing her now, but in your heart you still want to take concubines?”

“Second sister-in-law!” Gu Xihe glared once at her and gestured with his hands panicked. “I didn’t think that. Lower your voice. If she heard that and think that it’s true. What should I do if she don’t want to marry anymore?!”

As he talked, he looked around uneasily, wanting to see whether others had heard that. He didn’t expect to see Lin shi desperately rushed over here without bring a maid, with her skirt raised, panting and with her hair loose as if there was a group of lions and tigers chasing after her. His eyes widened in surprise.

What surprised him even more was that after Lin shi came over, she didn’t bother with him first, but instead grabbed Shu Huan’s hand tightly. She revealed a smile that was uglier than crying and flatteringly called, “Little Huan…”

“Yes.” It was as expected. Shu Huan felt that it was very funny, but didn’t reveal anything on her face. She pretended to be confused and asked, “Madam rushed over here like this, is it that you have something you forgot to say?”

“I…I…,” To beg a younger generation who she didn’t like no matter how she looked at her in the past few years, Lin shi was still a bit unable to pull down this face. Hence, she stuttered and was at loss about what to say.

Shu Huan didn’t take over. She only raised an eyebrow and looked at her indifferently.

Gu Xihe had never seen his mother like this. At this moment, he stood there stunningly with his eyes almost popping out as if he had seen a ghost.

Lin shi was very embarrassed. She was afraid that if she continues to delay, Shu Huan would get impatience and leave. She grabbed herself together and said, “About that…about that…I changed my mind…”

It was rare that she had a chance to troll Lin shi. Shu Huan continued to pretend that she didn’t know about what she was talking about, frowned and asked, “About what did you change your mind? I don’t understand what madam is talking about.”

Lin shi gritted her teeth once again, “I agree on Xihe and Shang Xin’s marriage. Do the good deed to the end. Help them prepare a thorough wedding!”

Gu Xihe’s eyes widened even more. His first reaction was to look at the sky to see if the sun came out from the west today. Then, he looked at Shu Huan and saw that she was still pretending. Happiness and ecstasy couldn’t help but burst in his heart. He yanked her arm, jumped and shouted loudly, “Second sister-in-law! Second sister-in-law! Quickly! If you say no, I will…I will…”

He was so rejoiced that he lost his mind. Even his speech couldn’t be organized. Naturally, he didn’t notice that Shu Huan almost fell because of his yanking. It was another pair of hands that grabbed from behind of him and steadied Shu Huan. Then, he heard a very unhappy voice said coldly, “I don’t know whether she will agree or not, but if you don’t let go no, I will certainly not agree!”

“Second big brother…,” It was as if someone had thrown a bucket of cold water over Gu Xihe. He instantly calmed down and let go panicked. He took a step to a side. His appearance with a lowered head couldn’t be more well-behaved.

Gu Xiran was originally still annoyed that he almost made Shu Huan fell, but when he saw him like this, he couldn’t help but laugh. He exchanged a glance with Shu Huan and shook his head helplessly.

He was already someone about to get married and was still so childish!

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