A newly appointed official made bold changes on assuming office. On the first day of work, she slapped a beauty of the harem. What? This beauty was actually the emperor? Cough, cough, emperor, why is it so difficult to tell your gender…?

Chapter 1 The husband is heartless, the wife is in love

Inside the palace, on the stone bridge, a man and a woman were pulling each other.

The man was about forty-year old. He was dressed in brocade clothes and a jade colored gown. The hair on his temples were slightly gray. He quite had the appearance of the current popular handsome uncle. However, what really stopped me was the woman beside him.

The beauty had long hair that dangled gracefully on her shoulder. The bright purple silk thread was intentionally or unintentionally opened, exposing her delicate collarbone. It was like a faint snow in the distant mountain. I narrowed my eyes, trying to see her face, but my gaze fell on her eyes.

Those eyes were the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen in my life. The pupils were deep like ink, but when the eyes turned slightly a glimpse of blue was revealed. The long eyelashes were like a fan. The slightly raised corners of the eyes made it seem like she just needed a glance back (from the beauty) to be able to hear the peach blossom in the warm spring of March.

Therefore, I was in trance.

Until when the pulling of the two people escalated into a quarrel did I regain my senses.

The man already went off the stone bridge. The woman wanted to chase after him, but because of a stumbling, she fell onto the ground. I didn’t know the identity of the woman. When she fell, the man felt compelled to stop. He reached out to help her up, but the woman grabbed his thigh and began to cry like raindrops on a pear blossom.

“You don’t love me anymore?!”

“Didn’t we agree to be each other’s angels?!”

“My hair had already reached my waist. Uncle, marry me, alright?”

A group of crows flew past in the sky. I clearly saw the complexion of the man turn blue for a moment and then he said, “I don’t have time to play with you!”

The woman grabbed his thigh tightly with one hand and wiped her tears with the other hand, “In the past, you clearly said that you loved me so much that you are willing to die for me. You said that I was your heart, your liver, your baby, but now that you’ve gotten a mistress, you abandon me, the virtuous main wife…” Even if the beauty was tear and snot-stained, she was still a beauty.

Even if I wanted to continue watching and finish this play “The husband is heartless, the wife is in love; the cheater abandons his wife”, but when I remembered that today is my first day at work and I was hurrying to the Ministry of Rites to report for duty, I couldn’t help but sigh, turned and left.

Suddenly, I felt a faint fragrance behind me. A figure flew to me and entangled my hands and feet. A grieving voice whispered in my ear, “Sir! Don’t leave after watching! You have to take justice for this wife!”

I looked back. Wasn’t the one who was holding me tightly the beauty who caused a terrible scene just now?

At such a close distance, I found out that this beauty was really tall. She was taller than me by a head. I moved my body and got out of her embrace. I laughed insincerely, “This official didn’t see anything. You go on, go on…”

The beauty didn’t comply. She wiped the tears from her face and pulled me towards the man. She said, “You clearly saw it! You had been staring at me. Don’t think I don’t know!”

She looked weak, but the strength on her hand was not small. Being seen through by her, I felt a bit guilty. Being in daze for a moment, I was pushed to the man and happened to be caught between the two of them.

I was immediately not calm anymore. If I was outside of the palace today, with my gossipy nature, perhaps, I would’ve taken care of this matter. However, I was inside the palace at the moment. Both of them were wearing regular clothes. I couldn’t figure out their official position or status. If I meddle in and it happened to be a noble consort who wanted to elope with a minister or a princess having a love affair with a guard, what should I do then?

I cleared my throat. I haven’t figured out how to get out of this yet when the two had already started a new round of battle of the tongue.

“Don’t play anymore!”

“I’m pregnant with your child!”

“I still have a lot of work to do today!”

“I’m pregnant with your child!”

“Would you like to find someone else to play with?”

“I’m pregnant with your child!”

I: “…”

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