Chapter two This official is immune to poison

Even an honest and upright official would have difficulty resolving a family dispute. I quietly took a step back and was prepared to slip away. The beauty had sharp eyes. Her paw grabbed my shoulder and she said, “Let this official be the judge and see whether you should be responsible!”

“Judge?” The man snorted. “Where did this spring onion come from? Is he qualified to judge me?”

Such…such high airs!

As the saying goes, the head could be cut off, the blood could flow away, but the face couldn’t be lost. I don’t believe that this person didn’t see my big red official robe. This was precisely the robe of the new zhuangyuan of this year.

  • Zhuangyaun: the one who ranked first in the imperial exam

Since this man made me lose face, I will…slap his face!

When I said I will slap him, I slapped him. My fist immediately flew to the man’s nose. When he looked at me angrily with a nosebleed, I laughed while waving my fists, “Everyone will beat up a wretched man who abandoned and broke the faith of his wife! Why am I not qualified to judge you?”

The man was stupefied. The beauty laughed.

Suddenly, there was a warm breath on my cheek. It was as if willow floated in the wind. My heart trembled. When I regained my senses, the beauty kissed me on the cheek as a reward. She said laughingly, “Sir, you are so mighty. I have decided to not want him anymore but want you.”

My cheeks immediately reddened. It wasn’t because of shyness but because of anger.

I turned my hand and gave the beauty five fingerprints. I said in a cold voice, “Where did this fox come from?! After seducing this one, you seduce that one? This official is upright, righteous and plainspoken, and thousand kinds of poison won’t be able to invade me. How will I have an improper relation with a broken flower, withered willow?”

  • Broken flower, withered willow: fallen woman.

The beauty covered her cheek in amazement and glared at me in disbelief. After glaring for half a day, the blue at the bottom of her eyes, slowly came to the surface, making the eyes twinkling. She suddenly laughed, “Great! Great! So fun!”

I tidied my robe, turned and wanted to leave when suddenly halberds flew at my chest.

Following the sharp tip of the halberd, I saw a group of imperial guards wearing iron armor. They had a halberd in their hands and surrounded me imperviously. The moment I move, I will be stabbed into pieces of lotus seeds.

I was a bit skeptical. Just now when they were quarreling fiercely, the imperial guards didn’t show up. Why did they all swarm around here now?

“Brothers, are you pointing the halberd at the wrong person?” I laughed and pointed at the ruthless man who was still bleeding from his nose and the beautiful abandoned woman with a smile on her face. “Those who were being promiscuous in the harem are the two of them. I’m just a passerby. I’m innocent…” The imperial guards didn’t move. I had to make my identity clear, “I’m the new zhuangyuan and am rushing to report to the Ministry of Rites. Can you afford to be responsible if you cause me to be late?”

“You don’t have to go report anymore. The one you punched in the nose just now is this dynasty’s regent,” An imperial guard reported expressionlessly.

Immediately, I felt like being struck by thunder and lightening and was frozen onto the ground.

The regent, a figure of power. When the emperor ascended the throne, he was still young. The regent had been there to assist him. Now, after many years, the emperor had grown into a handsome young man, but the regent was still unwilling to delegate the power. His ambition was evident.

Cold sweat broke on my back. It was hard to say that even the emperor will be able to save me after I have offended such a master.

I worked hard to maintain a stable tone of voice and said, “Even if he is the regent, he shouldn’t perform evil conduct in broad daylight with a woman of the palace. I beat him for the sake of Tianyan dynasty’s face. I believe that His Majesty will understand my loyal heart and good intention…”

“I’m sorry, zhen doesn’t understand.”

  • Zhen: I, used by the emperor.

My body suddenly shook. I turned my head and discovered that the beauty is still the beauty, but the voice is no longer that of a sharp female, but a clear and low voice. She…no, he narrowed his eyes and smiled quietly at me. There was grievance and calculation in the smile. There was also a joy as if he had discovered new land. After a while, his thin lips lifted and said, “Beloved official, that slap of yours just now, hurts so much…”

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