Chapter 3 Please, give zhen a slap again

The moment I took office, I was imprisoned. I feel like a cannon fodder.

If I had known that the world was so malicious and the emperor was so naughty, even if there was a dagger on my neck, I would’ve never agreed to get involved in this unsavory enterprise in my big brother’s stead. Even if he and I were together ever since from our mother’s womb, it would’ve been the same.

The title of the new zhuangyuan, it is not that this little girl is unwilling, but it is that my twin big brother was unsuitable.

  • Zhuangyuan: first ranked in the imperial exam.

Unlike me who was healthy and active ever since young, my big brother had a weak body. In a month, there would be thirty days that he would be bedridden. And, it was that one day in a thirty-one-day month that he went to take the imperial examination, passed without any pressure and awesomely became the zhuangyuan.

Unfortunately, after he passed the imperial exam, he returned home to continue be bedridden again.

Hence, I who looked exactly like him that even our mother had to open our trouser to see who was who, the little sister, dressed up in men’s clothing and went to become an official in my big brother’s stead.

I know that this court wasn’t upright. That the regent covered the sky with one hand was the second most important thing. The most important thing was that the emperor was a failure.

The emperor Yan Yaoyi could recite poems at three years old and wrote poetic essay at five years old. However, when he became seven years old, he disappeared from everyone’s sight. That year was a year like a legend for Tianyan dynasty. The night that the past emperor had passed away, no one knew why the crown prince also got a fever and was delirious. After a few days, his fever had cured but he had been delirious until this day.

In the folks’ words, Yan Yaoyi had burned his brain.

The him after seven years old no longer had the glory of the child prodigy and had become half crazy. There were secrets in the palace. On the day of Yan Yaoyi’s sixteenth birthday, an old loyal official advised him to take over the state affairs, but while he fiddled with the Chinese harp, he said heedlessly, “What is fun about politics? The biggest wish of zhen in this life is to become an opera singer and have tours all over the world. Occasionally, handle a heavenly good voice or something like that.”

The old official was so angry that he bumped his head on the pillar to death. The emperor became awfully playful as the years went by.

I have never believed in this secret. In this world, there were no women who didn’t like beautiful clothes just like that there was no prince who didn’t like the crown. Because of that I have never imagined that the scene in the palace today was Yan Yaoyi pestering the regent to perform with him!

Now, it’s great. I punched the regent and slapped emperor Yan. How many lives do I have that could be executed?

After the imperial guards took me down, Yan Yaoyi smiled as he said, “It is irrelevant that you punched the regent. Even if you had slapped zhen, it is not important. However, you had made this beautiful face of zhen swollen. This is your fault. Without this picturesque beauty, to whom should zhen perform in the future?” He paused for a moment before he continued, “So, zhen had decided to put you in jail and be executed with the lingering death.”

  • The lingering death is a death of a thousand cuts.
  • Zhen: I, used by the emperor.

Only now did I understand that the rumors about the emperor being stupid, crazy, willful, unfriendly and blunt were all one -sided because Yan Yaoyi was simply the origin of negative energy and mentally disordered!

I crouched in the corner of the prison and beat the villain. Anyway, I was going to be executed with the lingering death, so I had to vent this anger.

When I was beating happily, suddenly a small stone hit my head. I turned my head and glared fiercely. I thought who it could be. Wasn’t it that incapable ruler who had given up on treatment?!

He stood outside the prison cell. He was wearing a crescent white coat. When he stood inside the dirty dungeon, it was instantly as if it had been lit by a bright moon.

I told myself to not be deceived by beauty. The revenge I should remember, I had to remember. Immediately, I threw daggers at him with my gaze, “Why did you come here?”

He didn’t get angry. His bright eyes stared at me for a while before he chuckled, “Zhen felt lonely and came looking for you to play with me.”

This was really fickle. The moment I heard that there could be a way out, I hurried to the cell door and said, “Alright. If you want to play with me, you have to let me out first.”

“This is simple.”

With one gesture, the jailer came to open the door for me.

I was a bit suspicious. Outside, it was rumored that he was half crazy and silly. Now, that I have seen him, that didn’t seem to be the case. However, if you say that he was sane…his actions and behavior didn’t seem like something a normal person would do.

I stared at him uneasily as I slowly got out of the cell door. In any case, the most important thing was to keep my life.

“What do you want to play with me?”

His long forefinger touched his cheek. My five fingerprints were still there. He seemed to reminisce about it as he touched. He said, “Zhen missed the feeling of being slapped by you. Come. My beloved, slap zhen once more.”


I have decided. He’s a lunatic.

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