Chapter 4 Emperor, why did you give up on treatment?

With the first slap of today, I got myself into the dungeon. I wonder that if I would directly go to the netherworld with the second slap. Hence, even if I wanted to fulfill his wish, I had to suppress myself firmly.

I smiled flatteringly, “Your Majesty, can we play something else? Look at how noble and beautiful but aloof your face is. How could this official have the heart to slap it?”

He made a “mm” sound, held his chin and said, “But, didn’t you slap it today?”

I hiccupped and continued to laugh, “Wasn’t that because the regent was by your side and affected the normal play of your aura.” I rubbed the goosebumps on my arm without batting an eye and smiled more sincerely.

He also smiled at me. He stared at me silently for a while. Suddenly, his smile became a bit cold. He leaned to my and whispered softly, “Since it is like that…how about you help me kill him?”

My body quivered. A thought flashed through my head. I hurriedly knelt and said, “Your Majesty, this official has a sixty-year-old mother, a bedridden big brother and a two-and-a-half-year husky to take care off. Don’t make things difficult for this official. Please, look for another brilliant person to do such a major event.”

Bastard, let me go kill the regent; wasn’t that the same as letting me go die?

Even if this brain of mine isn’t as good as my big brother’s, but I’m not ignorant. Looking at the hidden sword in Yan Yaoyi’s smile, I don’t believe that his brain truly got burned by the fever as rumored on the outside. Presumably, he pretended to be a fool and stupid just to reduce the wariness of the regent.

“You are intelligent. You are indeed someone zhen took a fancy on,” Yan Yaoyi chuckled. “You told zhen to go find another brilliant person. Unfortunately, no matter if it is the court or the harem, it is full of the regent’s spies. Who do you want zhen believe? Fortunately, zhen met you. You punched the regent. This proved that you are not one his people.”

Two tears appeared at the corners of my eyes. I regretted it very much in my heart. If I had known this, I would’ve tried my best to avoid them and wouldn’t have taken part in this liveliness.

“Your Majesty, if I don’t accept it, what will be my fate?”

Yan Yaoyi patted my shoulder and smiled softly, “Beloved official, did you forget about your sixty-year-old mother, bedridden big brother and two-and-a-half-year-old husky?”


“Good boy.” He kissed my outer ear and said, “As long as you help zhen get rid of the regent, zhen will reward you with a thousand golden teals, ten luxury homes and hundred beautiful women.”

Beautiful woman, beautiful woman. I am a woman, what use do I have of beauties?

Thinking of this, I covered my ear belatedly and stared frightened at Yan Yaoyi, “Why did you kiss me? I’m a man! A man!” Great Sage the equal of Heaven, my great Tianyan dynasty’s emperor wouldn’t be a cut sleeve, right? No wonder! No wonder that he was already in his early twenties and the harem is still empty.

  • Great sage the equal of heaven is a self-proclaimed title by the Monkey king Sun Wukong in the novel Journey to the West.
  • Cut sleeve: gay

“Mm, zhen knows,” he nodded. The end of his hair fluttered lightly over my shoulder. He lowered his head and said to my ear again, “This dungeon is under the control of the regent. His spies are everywhere. Zhen is a madman who sometimes thinks that he is a woman. What is there strange about zhen going to kiss a man?”

He spoke of this without an ounce of emotion, but I don’t know why my heart hurt a bit after listening to him.

This person, the country’s territory, ten thousand miles of rivers and mountains are his, but he could only watch another make the court in a turmoil under his own eyes. To keep his life, he also had to pretend to be mad.

Ai, this pitiful person…

I asked him, “Are you not tired being like this?”

“Tired?” He slightly raised his lips and smiled, “At the age of seven, the night when my emperor father passed away, if it wasn’t because I pretended to have fallen sick and later pretended to be mentally impaired, the regent would’ve long killed me.”

My heart shuddered.

After the initial shock, my heart couldn’t help but soften. I took his hand and asked sincerely from the bottom of my heart, “What can I do to help you?” His fingers were cold. I held them tighter. Although, I couldn’t completely cover his palm, I hoped to use this to give some warmth to that seven-year-old child.

He didn’t answer. He only stared at me. After a long while, the long eyelashes flashed. His eyes fell on my and his hands that were together.

“Beloved official, zhen pretended to be crazy is a pretense. Zhen dressed up as a woman is also a dress up. What…what are you doing now?” He coughed uncomfortably, “You didn’t fall in love with zhen, right? Don’t, you are willing to cut you sleeve, zhen isn’t willing to be bent…”

  • Cut sleeve: gay
  • Bent: a slang for gay

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