Chapter 6 Big brother dressed like a woman to go into battle

First, I got dizzy because of his handsomeness. Then, I was bewildered by his kiss. When my senses finally returned and I finally calmed down to carefully ponder about the true meaning of this sentence, it was already two hours later.

I was dragged to the bed by Yan Yaoyi. I was trapped in his arms like a bird in a cage. I couldn’t even care to admire the beauty in front of me and said with a crying face, “Your Majesty, you aren’t planning on sending me to seduce the regent, right?”

“What do you think?”

He didn’t answer but asked a rhetorical question.

My heart immediately sunk to the bottom. What more do I have to think about? The common saying was: train and army for a thousand days to use it for an hour. These past month, Yan Yaoyi didn’t treat me badly. Since I know how much he wanted to regain the power and I haven’t been able to come up with a better way, how could I not help him?

  • Train and army for a thousand days to use it for an hour: extensive preparation will eventually pay off.

Although, I thought like that, I don’t know why a sourness couldn’t help but spread in my heart.

Perhaps, Yan Yaoyi empathized that I was an innocent (virgin) girl. In the end, he didn’t spoke out his thought. After he asked that question, he sighed again. After he tidied my collar, he left.

After a short while, I blinked hard and pressed down those hard to understand feelings. I pushed the neighboring door.

My big brother was half-leaning against the bed. He glared at me with a look of daring to get angry but not daring to talk about it. He said, “Little Yuan, don’t you know that our house had poor soundproofing? Flirting so blatantly, how do you want I, a sick person, to feel?”

I hurriedly walked over. After chatting about nonsense for a long while, I said without any shame at all, “Big brother, if I had remembered correctly, tomorrow is that one day in the month, right?” After my big brother had been bedridden for thirty days in a month, he would be a lively dragon and animated tiger for one day. He never missed a day. It was more regular than having your period.

  • Lively dragon and animated tiger: vigorous and lively

Big brother looked at me alertly and asked, “What do you want?”

I immediately revealed a very flattering smile. As I rubbed my hands, I said, “Big brother, can I discuss something with you…?”

After a calm night, early in the morning of the next day when my big brother was finally able to jump out of the bed after a long time, the first thing he did was grab my neck.

“Are you still a human?! You treated your big brother like that for a man?!”

He grabbed my neck and shook it fiercely. It wasn’t easy for me to break free. I jumped to the ground and grabbed his thigh while I said, “I also don’t want to…if you don’t want to do it. Could it be that you can bear it to let your little sister sacrifice herself…?”

Big brother pushed me aside. Without saying a word, he took down the golden hairpin from his hair…Last night, I dressed him up as a woman when he was powerless to resist. This was the only plan I came up with. Yan Yaoyi wanted to use a beauty to help him steal the tiger tally. Alright, I will help him. It was just that the one who would personally go to the battle was not me.

Returning to the topic, when my big brother dressed up as a woman, he truly wasn’t an ordinary beauty. Although, our appearance was 99% alike, but my aura was not as good as his. My big brother was truly a beloved pampered son raised in a boudoir. Every day, aside from drinking medicine, he would be reading. That weak appearance had some elegance. I believe that in this world there was few that could be compared to him. If he didn’t go seduce the regent, who else could go?

Seeing him pull the hairpins from his head one by one and that he was at the end of his patience, I stopped him anxiously, “Don’t! Just think that you are doing it for the good of the world…”

“The good of the world? The truth is that I am meticulously being used by you.” He looked at me from the corners of his eyes with a look that he saw through everything, “Little Yuan, tell me, did you fall for that pillow with an embroidered case?”

  • Pillow with an embroidered case: an outwardly attractive but worthless person

I smiled and didn’t spoke.

Big brother’s heart was like a mirror. I couldn’t hide anything. Seriously, if it wasn’t because his body was too weak, he would definitely be a very able official that surpassed all others of its kind before and since.

Big brother rubbed my head and sighed as he accepted his fate, “You have always taken care of me as tough as nails. I have forgotten that you are only a sixteen-year-old girl…Alright, I will go steal the tiger tally. After all, I’m a man and wouldn’t suffer any losses…”

Uh, seeing big brother being so emotional, should I tell him that in fact the regent likes both men and women?

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