Chapter 7 Steal the tiger tally, deliver the dowry

There was no time to lose. My big brother’s validity only lasted for one day. The same night after the sky had darkened, in the name of looking for the regent to have a drink, I used a carriage to transport my beautiful brother into the regent’s residence. Sure enough, the moment the regent saw my brother, his eyes shone. He didn’t even bother anymore that I had broken the bridge of his nose in the past. He kept toasting with me. How could I not understand what his intentions were? After three cups, I said I was drunk. The regent immediately and eagerly let people take me to rest in a side room.

What will happen next, everything depended on my big brother.

I waited restlessly in the side room. I thought that there would be result until the middle of the night at the earliest. Unexpectedly, after only two hours, the door of the side room had been slammed open.

Looking at big brother entering with his clothes disheveled, I was so horrified that my eyes almost fell out. “Uh…the regent didn’t really do that thing to you, right? The ancestors of Bu household, I apologize to you!”

Big brother covered his front with one hand and hurriedly, pulled me with the other hand to leave. “Fortunately, your big brother is nimble and fled quickly. Otherwise, the virgin body that I guarded for so many years would have been destroyed. That bastard truly wanted to do that to me. In a moment of desperation, I kicked him and fled…”

As soon as I heard that, I felt that the situation was serious. I couldn’t stand my big brother’s speed of crawling slow like a tortoise. I turned my arms, picked him up and ran.

Seeing that I was about to rush out of the regent’s residence, suddenly a dark shadow flashed in front me. A group of guards blocked my way.

The regent pushed the guards and stood out. Seeing his twisted face and his hands were on his crotch, I suddenly came to the realization. That kick of my big brother was truly good and wonderful.

“Bu He! You are too brazen!” The regent said furiously. It was truly a pity that his voice trembled because of the pain and caused his aura to fall.

This “Bu He” was directed at me Bu Yuan. I put on an act and laughed, “Why does wangye say that? This little official came looking to have a drink with you tonight and was resting in the room after getting drunk. Unexpectedly the beauty suddenly rushed in. This little official was still wondering what had happened…” My gaze slipped to the regent’s waist. “Could it be…wangye could it be that you have some unmentionable disease and let the beauty suffer a grievance?

  • Wangye: Prince of first rank. The regent is usually the uncle of the emperor.

The guards couldn’t hold in their laughter. The regent’s face changed from blue to red and from red to blue repeatedly. He flew into a rage out of humiliation, “Guards! Cut off his tongue! Benwang wants to see how he still could be so sharp-mouthed!”

  • Benwang: this prince

Four guards came over. One went to pull my big brother who was like a rice bag on my shoulder. Two grabbed my hands. Another took out a dagger and at the same time reached out to grab my chin.

I was a bit shocked. I’m the zhuangyuan. He actually dared to punish me in private!

  • Zhuangyuan: the first ranked in the imperial exam.

Big brother refused to get down from my shoulder. I couldn’t open my mouth and only made muttering sound. The scene was immediately chaotic. When my chin hurt from being grabbed and I was almost unable to take it anymore, outside of the door could be heard, “The emperor has arrived…”

The moment the words fell, a slender figure dressed in bright yellow entered the view. The guards knelt down. The claws around me finally disappeared.

When I looked at the Yan Yaoyi in front of me, I felt that he was a bit unfamiliar. Based on my understanding of him, when he was in a happy mood, the blue at the bottom of his eyes would be clearer. However, at this moment, his eyes were as dark as the night.

Yan Yaoyi said indifferently, “Wangye, it’s so lively here tonight….” He intentionally or unintentionally swept a glance over me. “Beloved official Bu, why didn’t you tell zhen about such a fun thing?”

I couldn’t help but feel guilty. I didn’t discuss with him in advance about this operation. Presumably, he was angry.

The regent stiffly paid his respect and said, “Your Majesty, it’s late. Return to the palace to rest first. If you want to play, this official will go to the palace tomorrow and play with you.”

“Play?” Yan Yaoyi sneered coldly. “It’s enough that zhen had played for so many years. Tonight, zhen wants to be serious for once. Servants! Arrest the traitor regent!”

My heart skipped a beat. Now, the matter had truly gotten out of hand.

The regent wasn’t a pig. Since it had turned to this, his anger turned into laughter, “Good! Very good! Benwang thought that you were naïve and harmless. It’s benwang who underestimated you. It turned out that you wanted to arrest me tonight…” His smile turned sharp. “A good for nothing like you? I’m afraid that you can enter but not get out!”

“Do you think that zhen didn’t come prepared?” Suddenly, outside of the door came the sound of a very powerful army. One could still hear the uniform horseshoes across the courtyard of the regent’s residence. Yan Yaoyi smiled coldly, “These few years you had been indulging to your heart’s content. Presumably, you didn’t know that zhen had trained an army of armored horses in secret. That’s right. Zhen was afraid of the consequences because you have the tiger tally in your possession. However, you actually dared to touch her…” Yan Yaoyi suddenly pointed at me. “There is also no need for zhen to endure anymore. Such a beauty. At worst, zhen will overturn this empire for her.”

It was my big brother who coughed to break the sudden silence that had emerged, “I say…future brother-in-law. I appreciate that you have that intention, but I’m afraid that wangye won’t be able to fight with you anymore.” My big brother fiddled for a moment. Then, he drew an arc in the sky with something that was as big as a hand palm. “Take this as our family’s little Yuan’s dowry.”

The regent immediately paled.

Joy emerged in my heart. Big brother was formidable. He really took out the regent’s tiger tally!

“It must’ve been much trouble on brother-in-law.” Yan Yaoyi caught it without fail. “Then…can you get off from little Yuan’s shoulder now? Zhen wants to grow affection with her.”

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