Chapter 8 Lacking an empress

The fireworks in March with the Forbidden City at its center was the best season.

However, I was demoted. Demoted to a remote and desolate place where not even a chicken would lay eggs or bird would poop as the county head magistrate to feed mosquitos.

Seven days had passed since the incident at the regent’s residence. That night, Yan Yaoyi used the excuse of growing affection with me to scam me into the palace. In the end, scolding showered down upon me.

“The common saying was that big breasted people don’t have brains. I don’t see small breasted people having brain either. Do you think that the regent is a very benevolent person? You were so stupid that you delivered yourself at his door! If it wasn’t because zhen arrived on time, the consequences would’ve been disastrous!

His hands clasped my arms tightly, causing my bones to burst in pain. I feel very wronged. For whom did get myself into danger? Wasn’t it for him?! He scolded me very smoothly but I didn’t want to hear a word. I broke free from him, turned and left.

He had very much of a backbone. The next day, an imperial decree was sent. I gloriously joined the profession of county magistrate.

After I arrived at this rotten place, I also didn’t have much to do. The day before yesterday, I went to help Li Gaodan search for his cow. Yesterday, I went to help Huang Aniu pick eggs. Today, I went to persuade Zhang couple. The moment I returned to the feudal office, someone beat to drum to cry his grievances.

This was my first case ever since I became and official. I dressed properly in a hurry and went to sit in court. After I beat the wood on the table and among the shouts “formidable”, I shouted, “Announce!”

When I looked clearly who was the one that beat the drum, I almost fall straight off from the chair!

My god, why is Yan Yaoyi here?

He stood down the hall dressed in azure everyday clothes. One hand was on his waist while the other was holding the document of accusation. His aura was noble and magnificent. The smile on his lips was faint. When the farmer girls heard that there was a handsome man to look at here, they immediately put down their farm work and rushed over to here. They surrounded the feudal office that not even a drop can trickle though.

  • Not one drop can trickle through: impenetrable

Under countless of eyes, I pretended to be calm and asked, “Who are you? Who do you want to sue?”

He smiled faintly, “Yan Yaoyi, a citizen from the capital suing my wife Bu shi for abandoning me, leaving the house for seven days and till now hasn’t returned.”

  • Shi: clan

“…Family matters. This case is not accepted. Leave the court!”

“Sir, wait.” He rushed to say, “You say that this is a small matter, but to this commoner, this is a very big matter. Without my beloved wife at my side, I have lost appetite, couldn’t sleep soundly and I am deeply worried and sick at heart all day long…For more specific situation, sir, please read the accusation document.”

He handed the accusation document to a bailiff. The bailiff immediately presented it to me.

I had a bad feeling about this. I opened the document as I trembled. A line of neat handwritten letters jumped into my view: Little Yuan, zhen misses you. Do you want to return to the palace with zhen?

  • Zhen: I, used by the emperor

I put down the document with trembling hands. When I raised my eyes and saw that Yan Yaoyi was smiling dazingly, anger immediately boiled inside me and I said through clenched teeth, “This official has understood the general situation. It turned out that Bu shi didn’t sneak away from home but was driven away by you. Since it was like that, it is very normal for her not going back. You don’t have to entangle in this matter pointlessly.”

“Sir doesn’t know.” Yan Yaoyi said sincerely, “That time was when His Majesty was clearing the regent’s old association. The whole imperial capital was turbulent. This commoner advised her to go away temporarily in order to protect her.”

I was dumbfounded. When we parted on bad terms that day, I didn’t know that he had this level of consideration.

Yan Yaoyi continued to speak, “Now that order had restored in the imperial capita and the politics had restored clarity, this commoner wholeheartedly wanted to bring my beloved wife back home. However, after I have sent several letters, my beloved wife answered none. This commoner had no choice but to come sue. Asking sur to please get justice for me.” I felt a bit uncomfortable. All his letters were thrown in the trash. After a moment of silence, his smile became clearer, “If sir wants to see want to see evidence of me and my wife being harmonious and affectionate couple, this comer had brought them…”

He raised his cuff and calmly searched inside. I was sharp-eyed and immediately saw a red corner of silk.

I almost choked on my breath. While I coughed and slammed the wood repeatedly on the table, “Cough, cough, cough…close the door! Let the dogs out!”

Yan Yaoyi, this bastard who doesn’t know shame, took my little tudou last time and actually brought it today! This place was full of aunts with long ears to hear the gossip. If he truly took this thing out, would this official still has the face to show people in the future?

After the place was cleared, I immediately ran down and grabbed Yan Yaoyi’s clothes that was on his chest. I wanted to choke him and wanted to give him a few slaps. “Are you crazy? You don’t be your emperor but run to here to play and tease me?  Be careful that your dragon chair is not stolen after you return!”

“Don’t worry, there is brother-in-law to keep watch.”

He immediately pulled me into his embrace. One hand took out my black hat. His fingers went into my hair. Then, they fell to my waist.

“Big brother? Big brother had become well?” I was a bit dumbfounded. Thinking about it, it didn’t seem strange. There are precious medicinal herbs and imperial physician in the palace that couldn’t be found at commoner’s stores. My heart felt happy and sad. I said sullenly, “Originally, I went to work in my big brother’s stead. Now that you sat stable on your dragon chair, he can help you. This is great…you don’t need me anymore, right? Then, why did you come looking for me?”

Zhen had thought for a while and felt that zhen lacked an empress.”

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