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Chapter 20

Ling Xi didn’t care too much about Nan Zhi’s sudden leaving. She felt that it was slightly baffling and she didn’t know what she did that made him angry. Anyway, every time he ran away sullenly, he came back after he figured it out…

However, this not caring lasted till the morning of the third day.

Hongluan was very attentive towards her. Ling Xi had said that she didn’t need to be taken care off. How would she know that when the ten women weren’t here, Hongluan would personally bring her clothes and food? Ling Xi felt embarrassed every time. Presumably there were only few people on this Donghua Mountain that needed the mortal food.

So, early on the third morning when Ling Xi received her meal again, she expressed her apologies and gratefulness.

Hongluan smiled and said, “High-tiered deity also enjoys meals usually. So, it is not troublesome to prepare some for you. Miss don’t have to feel guilty.”

Ling Xi was surprised. Hongluan continued, “It will be the Four Immortals’ Association in two days. The immortals of the major sects had gathered together. At that time, high-tiered deity would also have come out of the closed-door meditation. It is presumably a bit bored for miss to stay here. However, high-tiered deity ordered it to be like this. Hongluan is only following orders. If miss feels bored, miss can shake the red bells outside the door. Hongluan will appear and keep miss company.”

Ling Xi had long been accustomed at being alone. Naturally, she didn’t need Hongluan’s company. However, since she (H) mentioned that, Ling Xi’s heart that had began to feel uneasy since last night was even more uneasy. Nan Zhi had never let her spend the night alone. Capable people came forth in large numbers at Donghua Mountain. Now, it was the Four Immortals’ Association. Would he had gotten into any trouble because he was angry?

After sending Hongluan away, she was restless alone in the room. She thought carefully about the conversation she had with Nan Zhi that night. She didn’t discover anything that could’ve made him angry…At most when she poured everything out of the purse, she had thrown the lantern he made for her on the ground…

This person was truly narrow-minded! He run away from home for such a small matter?!

After Ling Xi finished being anxious, she opened a book of spells indignantly. She decided not to go think about that narrow-minded little turtle anymore and practice well. Immortals would gather at the Four Immortals’ Association. She only hoped that there was no “swapping pointer” with each other. It didn’t matter if she lost her own face, but she was not happy to throw Cangjia and eldest senior brother’s face.

In fact, ever since she came down from Cangjia Mountain, she didn’t know whether it was because she was no longer imprisoned that her mood was good or that her head that had been muddleheaded for many years had start to understand things properly, not only did the memories before she was ten year old suddenly got cleared up, she also cultivated smoother than before. Ling Xi estimated that if she continued to be like this and work harder, perhaps she could practice all the first-level spells in half a year.

However, this time Ling Xi estimated wrong. Moreover, it was wrong beyond limits!

When Ling Xi grabbed a book and began to practice the spells, the sun happened to hang mid-air. It was noon when she finished a few books. She rubbed her eyes vigorously lest she saw the wrong hour. When she thought about the practice of just now, she actually…didn’t fail once?

Ling Xi excitedly recited all the spells again and didn’t fail once! She began to search in her mind for all the spells that she had once learned lest that her luck will be gone forever!

It would take ordinary people five years to complete the first-level spells of Cangjia Mountain. Those with better talent will take only three years. Those with exceptional talent like Qing Nian will only take a month.

When Ling Xi came in contact with these spells from Cangjia Mountain and even with a senior brother like Feng Shu to teach her, her progress was extremely slow during those three years. The situation didn’t improve until she went to Xuwang Cliff. However, when she went down the mountain three years later, although she remembered the spells and incantations as ripe as a melon that rolls from its vine, when she used it, her most powerful spell was only managing the sword which she also didn’t manage stable…

  • Ripe as a melon that rolls from its vine: know by heart

After going down the mountain this time, she practiced elementary spells in front of senior brothers and sister and often failed…It was truly too embarrassing. So, she was just cultivating her inner energy and didn’t really cast spells.

But today’s practice was unstoppable. It was as if the result of practicing for so many years erupted in an instant. Until when Hongluan suddenly appeared that Ling Xi woke up with a start. The day of the Four Immortals’ Association had arrived and she had just completed the first-level spells two days ago.

The so-called Four Immortals’ Association was once the gathering of the four most influential sects of the immortal realm to discuss the major events of the immortal realm. With the increasing influence of the four sects, the small sects gradually searched for a backing and the Four Immortals’ Association became a major event of the entire immortal realm. It only took place every hundred years. Prestigious immortals of every sect and talented disciples would attend.

However, Cangjia’s situation was very embarrassing this year. To be clearer, it was Ling Xi’s situation that was very embarrassing.

Originally, the supremo was supposed to attend the Four Immortals’ Association with his most proud students. Even if the supremo doesn’t attend, a certain senior or junior uncle should attend on behalf of Cangjia. However, Cang Yu suddenly accepted Ling Xi as disciple which already caused people to gossip and then he let Ling Xi lead Cangjia’s people to the Four Immortals’ Association was more than everyone had expected.

Originally, Ling Xi was accompanied by Qing Kui, Qing Lian and Qing Nian, but because of the appearance of the bone-eating demon, they acted separately. Ling Xi took the road nearest to Donghua Mountain. She didn’t know where Qing Lian and Qing Nian went to that they didn’t arrive on the mountain yet. Instead, several other young disciples that were behind them had caught up and came to the Four Immortals’ Association.

So, the one who appeared on behalf of Cangjia Mountain was a little girl who hadn’t cultivated an immortal body yet and who led a group of unknown little babies.

Ling Xi sat on the main seat of Cangjia. Even if she casually looked up, she would see impressive and famous people of the immortal realm. Facing various meaningful glances, she wasn’t able to remain calm and simply learned the no expression of Nan Zhi.

“I heard that old man Qing Yu predicted that the seal of devil realm had loosened recently and was worried about that safety of Cangjia. Hence, he and several elders guarded Cangjia Mountain. Is this true?”

Originally, Ling Xi had her eyes lowered slightly. After a moment and she heard that no one answered did she realized that the question was directed at her. She looked up and saw a short and chubby middle-aged man looking at her with a smile on his face.

She reacted a moment and remembered that supremo’s appellation outside was “Priest Qing Yu” and quickly said, “Cangjia Mountain is not only the contact point between the god realm and the immortal realm. It is also the interface between the immortal realm and the devil realm. The supremo had this concern and failed to attend today. I hope you all will be understanding.”

The questioner was the supremo of Liyang Mountain. Hearing Ling Xi’s answer, he was a bit surprised. One should know that the fame of Ling Xi in the immortal realm was not small in recent years, but the her from people’s memories was a silly and stupid girl.

When Ling Xi spoke, she had stood up and saluted every supremo.

After the question Liyang Mountain’s supremo looked smilingly at Ling Xi. The supremo of Juyu Mountain was actually a young woman. She also looked at Ling Xi with admiration. Only the disciples of Donghua Mountain who had conflicted with Ling Xi looked at her with disdain.

Ling Xi looked more carefully. The disciples of Donghua Mountain should be the youngest disciples with the lowest cultivation. Hongluan wasn’t here. The ten stars of Hongluan was also nowhere to be seen. It stood to reason that under Hongluan and above these young disciples, there should be many other disciples, but not too many were seen.

Wasn’t this Four Immortals’ Association a bit cold and cheerless…?

Ling Xi was thinking like this when at the east suddenly came in thousands of dazzling lights. The clear blue sky was cut by those lights. The pieces seemed to be difficult to be put together again.

Ling Xi was shocked. These lights gradually turned into black shadows and came on a sword in orderly manner.

The Four Immortals’ Association was on the fourth peak of Donghua Mountain. The whole mountain was like a peak cut off by people. It was neat and an oval flat land and broad. In no time, the cold and cheerless meeting was filled with Donghua’s disciples. She looked carefully. There were a few familiar figures.

It was Qing Lian, Qing Nian and Xue Ran.

The moment Xue Ran touched the ground, she ran to Ling Xi and smiled happily at her. Qing Nian walked to her left side without any more movements. Qing Lian was beside Qing Nian.

When Ling Xi saw them, her heart stabilized a lot. It was just that they took a few days to arrive at Donghua Mountain and seemed to have been picked up by Donghua’s disciples. She didn’t know if something happened to them on the way.

When Xue Ran saw that Ling Xi looked at her worriedly, she made a gesture to let Ling Xi be at peace. She looked around and whispered, “Where is junior uncle Qing Kui?”

Ling Xi’s heart skipped a beat. Just as she was pondering about how to answer, she heard Donghua’s disciples stand up and say, “Donghua’s disciples greets supremos, elders and colleagues!”

This heroic voice startled Ling Xi. This prestige, this aura, this is what Donghua as the leader of the immortal realm should have…

Not only Qing Lian, Qing Nian and Xue Ran came with the disciples of Donghua. There were also some disciples of Cangjia who had fell behind and hundreds of disciples from Liyang and Juyu.

They had just rested and reorganized when a long shout could be heard, “High-tiered deity Donghua has arrived!”

In Ling Xi’s memory, those who needed an announcement before they arrived were those big officials in the mortal realm or the emperor from the play she had seen with big brother when she was a child. Ever since she went to the immortal realm, she had never seen anyone appear with an announcement. At least, Cang Yu who was the one with the highest status she had ever known had always appeared in front of his disciples silently with the Qingsu weapon.

After the long shout, the situation was similar to that of the mortal realm. Almost everyone on the scene stood up and looked at with revere in the direction of the sound.

Ling Xi looked up and wondered what the appearance of high-tiered Donghua who was admired by thousands was. She just looked up when she clearly saw the clouds on the west were as if they were lit like they were a lantern one by one and burned in a blink of an eye. It gradually spread and the whole piece of west sky had turned red. Suddenly, there was a wind that brought the faint fragrance of the blue jacaranda, leaving a slight sweetness when it brushed the corner of the mouth.

Appearing together with the west sky was a sky full of red clothes.

It was like a flaming bird that had spread its wings in blazing fire. It was more like a blood drop that remained in the setting sun. Such a dazzling red made people not dare to look directly at that person’s face.

Ling Xi felt that she was struck by lightning. She froze on spot and her body trembled slightly. Her eyes stared at the owner of the red clothes.

Not a sound could be heard. Even the wind choose silence at this moment. Ling Xi had always thought that a deity who had lived for more than five thousand years, the oldest deity of the immortal world, even if he wasn’t white-haired, the immortal ways would have reached his bones, but the person in front of her…

She almost couldn’t control herself from sprinting forward, yell and cry, but her wrist was firmly grabbed by Qing Nian. Her throat also seemed to be choked by someone. No sound came out. Only her tears fell without stopping.

What high-tiered deity Donghua?! What leader of the immortal world?! No matter how nice the title on him was, even if he wore more wicked red clothes, he…was still that big brother who laughed and scolded her in her dream last night!

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