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Chapter 21

Ling Xi didn’t know why her whole body couldn’t move. She wanted

to rush forward, but she couldn’t even move her fingers an inch. She wanted to shout “big brother”, but her throat couldn’t utter a sound. Only wave of tears washed over the unchanging face of the person in front of her.

Big brother.

Such familiar and beautiful two words. It used to be everything in her life and all her faith.

The terror and worry of so many years made her vow that as long as he returned to her side, she would be willing to suffer anything. She could wait no matter how many years. She could pay any price. Finally, he had appeared and was just within her reach. She only wanted to be like in the past; go over, put her hand in his palm and shout “big brother” happily!

However, she couldn’t speak nor move. She hated the force that suppressed her body!

Break away from it! Go to big brother’s side!

Break away from it! Go to big brother’s side!

Break away from it! Go to big brother’s side!

At this moment, Ling Xi only had that thought in her mind!

Qing Nian was the closest to Ling Xi. As soon as high-tiered deity Donghua appeared, he had noticed the strangeness of Ling Xi. He held her back in time. When he looked at her, he saw that she was full of tears.

Although, he didn’t know why Ling Xi would suddenly have such a fierce reaction, but the Four Immortals’ Association was so important that there was no room for error. Hence, he casted a spell that froze the body without hesitation on Ling Xi. Fortunately, everyone’s attention was on high-tiered deity Donghua. No one paid attention to Ling Xi. Just as Qing Nian felt relieved and was about to whisper at Ling Xi to not be impulsive, an overbearing energy came from her wrist.

“Junior brother!”

“Qing Nian!”

When Qing Lian and Xue Ran saw that Qing Nian staggered, fell on his knees and spit out two mouthfuls of blood, they exclaimed. At the same time, Ling Xi got freed and rushed fast like a thunderbolt to high-tiered deity Donghua. Qing Lian acted fast and quickly stopped her.

The quiet and orderly meeting suddenly became chaotic.

Ling Xi’s whole body was covered in a black energy and rushed in high-tiered deity Donghua’s direction as if she had lost her mind. To outsiders, it was undoubtedly an intentional attack on high-tiered deity Donghua. Qing Lian’s power was above Ling Xi’s. However, first, she didn’t expect her (LX) cultivation to have a big surge overnight and secondly, they were from the same sect after all and she didn’t want to hurt her (LX). When she attacked, she only used thirty percent of her force. How would she know that it gave Ling Xi an opportunity and it wouldn’t be easy to have a turnover again?

Xue Ran supported Qing Nian. The other little disciples of Cangjia knew what was right to do and didn’t meddle. The other disciples of the other sects thought that Qing Lian would certainly be able to suppress Ling Xi. Some were waiting to see the liveliness of Cangjia. Everyone was just watching.

They didn’t expect that Qing Lian’s moves were ruthless, but Ling Xi didn’t fall behind. She didn’t use many moves, but the moves were overbearing.

Seeing that Qing Lian was about to lose, Liyang’s supremo took action to help. However, the moment he too action, it was very fierce. Just one palm made Ling Xi flew three feet away, fell on the ground and didn’t move anymore.

“High-tiered deity got a fright!” Zhuge Xu cupped his hand and said.

Qing Lian didn’t expect that someone would suddenly meddle in. Even more, she didn’t expect that Zhuge Xu as a supremo of a sect would use such a heavy hand on a little girl who hasn’t cultivated an immortal body yet. Even if she didn’t like Ling Xi much, she still had a consciousness. Her eyes reddened from anger and said, “You…you wanted to kill her?”

“Disrespectful to you elders!” Zhuge Xu shrugged.

Qing Lian’s appearance was soft like water, but in her bones, she was very strong-tempered and said angrily, “Since you know that you are our elder, why did you use such a heavy hand?” She didn’t wait for Zhuge Xu to answer, while she gave Ling Xi immortal energy, she sneered while looking around, “Donghua Mountain is the leader of the immortal world and high-tiered deity Donghua is at the head of the immortals. I didn’t expect that you would let a strong one bully a small one and use one’s strength to mistreat people under your eyes! This little immortal is not talented. To put it daringly, these despicable acts are simply the shame of the immortal realm!”

Zhuge Xu stroked his beard and said, “Old man Qing Yu’s secretly accepted this evildoer who let the snow lotus turn into ashes as his disciple which is already against the rules of the immortal world! Originally, because of her young age and she didn’t have much power, I wanted to wait for old man Qing Yu to appear to discuss how to deal with her. Unexpectedly, she is very arrogant, didn’t know her place and wanted to harm high-tiered deity under everyone’s watch! That I didn’t take her life with one palm is already this supremo being benevolent!”

“Supremo Zhuge also said that Ling Xi is of a young age and didn’t have much power. Not to mention whether she truly wanted to attack high-tiered deity. Even if she wanted, with her cultivation, do you think she could even hurt high-tiered deity? Because it is the first time that you have become a supremo, I think that you were eager to show your prestige in front of your disciples and perform in front of high-tiered deity!”

With his intention being pointed out, he felt indignant, but he couldn’t show it. He only gritted his teeth and sneered, “It turned out that the disciples of Cangjia Mountain have no respect for the elders and don’t understand etiquette! No wonder that after Feng Shu had died, there was no qualified successors…”

“Shut up!” The word “death” made Qing Lian lose her reason. She put down Ling Xi, called out the Xinyin hairpin and wanted to attack. Zhuge Xu laughed that she didn’t know her own strength. A disciple already stood in front of him.

Seeing that it would be chaotic again, a chuckle emerged and disrupted everyone’s movements, “So noisy!”

The one who spoke was high-tiered Donghua who hadn’t spoken a word ever since he appeared. His red clothes mopped the floor. He sat on the main seat without any seriousness. He looked at them while he smiled slightly as if he was watching a play. “This deity had always loved to watch a play, but today I’m sleepy. You go on, this deity will sleep first.”

As he spoke, he covered his mouth and yawned. Behind him, the ten stars of Hongluan already bent their knees slightly, waiting to send him off.

“High-tiered deity…” Those who knew high-tiered deity Donghua knew that the moment he spoke about the wind, he meant the rain. However, they didn’t want the Four Immortals’ Association that only happened once every hundred years to end without having begun. Some people opened their mouth in unison and also shut their mouths in unison because before the words left their mouths, they saw that high-tiered deity frowned and was unhappy.

“Big brother…” When everyone was pondering about how to let high-tiered deity Donghua stay, a broken whisper floated over, “Big brother…big brother…”

No one knew when Ling Xi had woken up. She seemed to call that with all her strength. Low and faint with joy and hidden grievances. She even tried to prop up her body with both hands, but before she propped up half her body, blood gushed out of her mouth.

“Ling Xi!” Qing Lian quickly supported her.

Ling Xi only wanted to stand up, borrowing from her (QL) strength.

She didn’t feel pain. She still had to go to big brother’s side, how could she feel pain? She also didn’t cry. Seeing big brother was such a delightful matter, how could she cry?

She had heard all of their conversation just now. Look, big brother was still the same. He didn’t like the noise of others except hers.

“Big brother…” When Ling Xi propped herself up, she ran forward and fell. When she fell, tears came out.

Because her big brother obviously saw her and heard her calls, but he no longer came to her, pat her head and say laughingly, “Little fool”.

He wore unfamiliar clothes and was surrounded by unfamiliar people. He looked at her with an unfamiliar gaze, looking down on her from high above. He didn’t plan on coming over to support her.

“Big brother…I…I’m…” Ling Xi suddenly remembered that after so many years not seeing each other, she had grown taller and had grown up. Perhaps, big brother didn’t recognize her.

“High-tiered deity, that is miss Ling Xi,” Hongluan said.

Only now did high-tiered deity look directly at Ling Xi. A fiery red stroke a perfect arc in the air.

He didn’t immediately appear in front of Ling Xi. Instead, he walked step by step to her. A lotus was born with every step. A delicate fragrance seeped into the nose.

“I’m…Ling Xi…” It was difficult for Ling Xi to speak a whole sentence. She looked up and saw that he was already in front of her. She saw a vague and familiar face through her tears. He squatted down and waved away the blood on her face. When he saw her appearance clearly, he smiled.

Big brother…did he finally recognize her…?

Ling Xi had no more energy to speak again. Happiness, gratification mixed with a bit of panic and grievance. She looked greedily with a smile at the person in front of her and felt the warmth that he brought. He touched her head like countless times before. Suddenly, the pain on her whole body disappeared. From her forehead to her toe, she was full of strength, so, she also heard him say clearly with a smile, “Ling Xi…is truly an interesting girl.”

Ling Xi was confused, “Big brother?”

She found that it was no longer difficult to speak. Her body also no longer hurt. However, the person in front of her raised his eyebrow puzzled, “Big brother?”

Ling Xi got anxious and quickly stood up. “Big brother, you didn’t hear it before, right? I’m Ling Xi, I’m Ling Xi!”

Ling Xi grabbed his hand tightly for fear that he would disappear in the next moment.

High-tiered deity Donghua laughed and took her into his arms, “I know you are Ling Xi.”

Ling Xi was overjoyed and heard him continue to speak, “I also know why you came this time.”

During the talk, she didn’t know how the silver mirror on Qing Lian had somehow reached his hand. “For the person in the mirror. Oh no, it is for the soul in the mirror.”

If high-tiered deity Donghua wanted the mirror, Qing Lian wouldn’t be able to keep it. She saw that he wanted to leave with Ling Xi on the cloud and wanted to follow, but she discovered that there was a barrier behind the two of them and cut off the talk between the two and the road behind them.

“Asking deities to go back to your room for the night. The Four Immortals’ Association will continue tomorrow,” Hongluan stood out and said loudly.

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