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Chapter 24 part 2

Ling Xi bit her lips fiercely and tried to suppress the tremor of her body. She said in her heart, “No, Nan Zhi, continue to go down. It will be fine if you go a bit more down.”

“This water can prevent people from casting spells. The more we go down, the more powerful the water is. I’m afraid that if we go down further, you and I can’t use any spells.” Nan Zhi didn’t move his lips, but his voice passed to Ling Xi’s head without fail.

“But…” Ling Xi took another look at the emerging bubble not far away. She had a feeling that the Soul-Locking water was just below. “If we go up now, we will definitely be surrounded by the ghost-guards. It would be difficult to go down once more then.”

Nan Zhi pondered for a short moment, “Do you have to get the Soul-Locking water?”

Ling Xi nodded without hesitation.

Nan Zhi lowered his eyes. After a long while, he casted a spell with one hand, turned and was about to swim down. Ling Xi grabbed him with one hand, frowned and said, “Together.”

Nan Zhi turned his hand and grabbed her hand. There was no warmth on their hands but they clung together tightly. He looked at Ling Xi. There was a slight glister in his black eyes as if he was hesitating.

Ling Xi stared into his eyes and almost begged, “Together.”

Nan Zhi’s eyes softened. Those fine glistered seemed to melt in his eyes. He stepped forward and hugged Ling Xi.

Ling Xi suddenly couldn’t feel what he was thinking. She only felt that his hug was getting tighter and tighter. His body seemed colder than the water of the River of Forgetfulness. She was still about to faint after being attacked by the memories in the river, but she clearly knew that she didn’t want Nan Zhi to go take the risk alone and tightly held his hand.

Nan Zhi leaned slightly and kissed her lips gently.

Those messy and complicated sounds and pictures in Ling Xi’s brain exploded at this moment. Then, her head went complete blank. The temperature of her whole body came together on her cheeks. She had forgotten about the trembling. She just felt that when the softness of the lips connected and the fragrance of the Chinese roses made her dizzy.

When she regained her senses, Nan Zhi could no longer be seen. The fighting sounds above were getting fiercer. She didn’t have time to think. She simply went upstream. Xinyin and Juisheng noticed her and moved closer to her.

“Fuck, almost suffocated this master!” The moment Juisheng entered Ling Xi’s seal, he breathed from relief. The childlike voice and the words coming from his mouth were very unmatching.

Xinyin couldn’t talk yet. Although, Juisheng slept for a few days, it wasn’t that he was unconscious and said, “Did you get the thing?”

Ling Xi only whispered, “Delay them.” The three began to battle again.

Because they were on the River of Forgetfulness, the spells that Qing Lian taught Ling Xi was more useful than the spells she had learned before, but the spells the ghost-guard used was weird and distinguish. Besides, there were more and more ghost-guards. Just a moment, the three were squeezed together again. Juisheng yelled again, “Did you get the thing? The spells of this groups of ghosts is not the same as us. If we don’t free ourselves now, presumably, we won’t be able to get out”

Ling Xi was also very worried. She didn’t know what Nan Zhi had encountered at the bottom of the river. She also didn’t dare to be distracted lest she hold everybody back.

Just at this moment, the calm River of Forgetfulness suddenly became turbulent. Waves came after waves. Even the netherworld shook a few times. The expression of the ghost-guards changed. They quickly jumped out of the River of Forgetfulness.

Ling Xi had just stabilized her body. Just as she was wondering whether it was Nan Zhi who took out the Soul-Locking water that caused the netherworld to have an earthquake, when a violent murderous aura came from the top to the bottom. It came down as fast as lightening. Ling Xi wasn’t able to control herself yet when she was pulled by a force and fell into the river again.

“What kind of lunatics to actually dare to move the Soul-Locking water?!” With the lightening murderous aura that went into the river was a roar that would send chills down to one’s spine.

Ling Xi saw with her own eyes that the place where she just stood had been split by an invisible force and the water of the River of Forgetfulness had been split in two. It rose high and didn’t fell down for a long time.

“Fortunately, my reaction was quick…” Juisheng murmured. While rotating his gourd body, he rushed out and didn’t forget to remind Ling Xi, “When you see an opportunity, escape!”

Xinyin followed behind Juisheng. Ling Xi’s speed was not comparable to theirs. Seeing that they were not close yet when that person, no, that ghost appeared and she was grasped with one hand by that ghost. He returned to his true form. “Just small immortal spirits dared to come rashly to my netherworld!”

Only now did Ling Xi see the appearance of that person. He had the appearance of an officer of the mortal realm. He had a long beard and looked fierce and evil. Could it be the judge of the netherworld? She knew that she was not his opponent. She wanted to get out of the River of Forgetfulness in hope to lead him out, but the water of River of Forgetfulness surged again and the netherworld shook. The fierce and evil looking ghost that appeared like the judge didn’t bother with Ling Xi anymore and immediately jumped into the River of Forgetfulness.

“Nan Zhi!” Ling Xi shouted in her heart. No one responded to her.

The River of Forgetfulness calmed down. The ghost-guards at the shore surrounded Ling Xi, but they didn’t attack. Not far away, Madam Meng was still holding a bowl of soup and her eyes seemed gloomy.

The two parties were deadlocked. Ling Xi was worried about Nan Zhi at the bottom of the river. She called repeatedly but didn’t get a response. The ghost-guards were afraid that Ling Xi would escape. They didn’t even blink.

Waves emerged on the river again. They leaped high but not a drop scattered on the shore. The judge rose to the surface fully drenched in water. With one hand he threw the thing in his hands towards the spider lilies on the shore.

Ling Xi looked at the “thing” that had been thrown into the flowers and her whole body froze.

When she regained her senses, her body was already running towards the patch of flowers uncontrollably.

“Nan Zhi, Nan Zhi!” Ling Xi didn’t even have time to cry. She didn’t care that the red spider lilies were poisonous. She knelt on the flowers. Even if she was afraid to hear an answer, but she had to admit that no matter if this “thing” answered or not, he was Nan Zhi.

That was right. If it wasn’t Nan Zhi, who else could it be?

Nan Zhi always dressed in black. Now, those black clothes had been completely corroded. Nan Zhi had always been cold with no expression. Now that face was so blurry that even the coldness couldn’t be seen. Nan Zhi had always been unexpectedly strong and could do all the things she couldn’t do. Now, he lay among the fiery red spider lilies and was badly mutilated from head to toe.

Nan Zhi, Nan Zhi…

Ling Xi’s hand trembled and she didn’t dare to hug him for fear to cause him pain. She didn’t dare to call him anymore for fear to not hear a response. She didn’t even dare to cry for fear that if her tears fell on him, it would hurt his wounds.

The judge seemed to be very satisfied with this result. He looked at them disdainfully, “Not knowing your place! Send them to hell!”

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