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Chapter 25 part 1

Ling Xi didn’t know what level this hell was. There was only silence and separated from the world. She seemed to have returned to a few years ago when the supremo imprisoned her at Xuwang Cliff. Every time, she opened her eyes, it was dark and no sound could be heard.

  • There are 18 levels of hell with the first level being the most lenient and the 18th being the hardest. 

At that time, fortunately there was that bracelet that Qing Kui gave her that let her see some light. This time was also like this.

Perhaps, she had really been poisoned by the red spider lilies. She couldn’t remember how she entered this hell or for how long she had stayed here. The moment she regained her consciousness, her whole mind was filled with Nan Zhi’s body that was corroded by the water of the River of Forgetfulness.

She didn’t dare to move for fear that she would discover that Nan Zhi was not at her side. It took a long time before she called hoarsely, “Nan Zhi…”

This place was so quiet that no traces of time could be found. Ling Xi felt that after a long time that also felt like a blink of an eye when she heard someone say, “Mm.”

She immediately sat up from the ground, but she didn’t dare to use a spell to light the lamp. She only used the light of the bracelet to find Nan Zhi.

He was curled up in a corner.

Ling Xi didn’t dare to look at the wounds on his body. She wanted to cry and felt that she was useless. She only knew to cry when she was in trouble. She went over, hugged him and opened the purse of tail feathers. She put pills one by one in his mouth. After taking a few, he refused to open his mouth again.

“Nan Zhi…take the pill.” Ling Xi coaxed him softly.

Nan Zhi ignored her.

Ling Xi still said softly, “Nan Zhi, take the pill.”

After a long time of silence, Nan Zhi hoarse voice said, “You have been poisoned.”

Ling Xi’s eyes itched and couldn’t help but cry. She said, “I will take it. I will also take a pill.”

Ling Xi took a few pills that could detoxify her. When she fed Nan Zhi again, he became obedient.

“Stupid Nan Zhi, why did you go to look for high-tiered deity Donghua to cultivate a human body? Isn’t a human form very good? They wouldn’t be able to hurt you then,” Ling Xi choked.

Nan Zhi remained silent.

“In fact, it is my fault. I shouldn’t have let you go down to get the Soul-Locking water.” Ling Xi cried, “Nan Zhi, I’m sorry. I always thought that you are special. I always felt that your spiritual strength was great and that your cultivation was deep. Nothing would be difficult for you. You already said that no spells could be used at the bottom and I still let you go down and caused you to be tortured like this by the water of the River of Forgetfulness. It hurt very much, right? Nan Zhi, I’m sorry…”

Ling Xi didn’t know how to face him. The wounds on him and his ruined face was all caused by her believing herself to be infallible, her selfishness and willfulness.

Nan Zhi hugged Ling Xi. He hugged her so tightly that Ling Xi was a bit afraid, “Nan Zhi, be gentler. Wouldn’t it hurt you if you hug me so tightly?”

Nan Zhi shook his head. After a silence, he said slowly, “If I don’t have a human body, how can I hug you like this?”

Ling Xi’s nose itched again, “Stupid Nan Zhi, it’s the same if you turned into Da Hei…”

  • Qing Kui calls Nan Zhi Xiao Hei which means little black and when he turns into a bear, Ling Xi calls him Da Hei which means big black. 

“Not the same. That is not the same…” Nan Zhi grasped Ling Xi’s hand and gently put it in his palm.

He didn’t want her to touch emptiness when she wanted to grab him.

He didn’t want to have to change into a black bear when she wanted to lean on him.

He didn’t want her to look at him like just a shadow that was ethereal and untouchable.

He just wanted to stand beside her like a normal person. So, as long as he could cultivate a human body, no matter what kind of conditions high-tiered deity Donghua issued and how much spiritual energy he would lose, he agreed.

Ling Xi wiped away her tears. She looked for a medicine for wounds in her purse of tail feathers, but didn’t find one. She tried to cure Nan Zhi’s wounds with spells, but after trying for many times, it was all in vain. In the end, Nan Zhi whispered, “The immortal’s spells are useless against the wounds caused by the River of Forgetfulness.”

Ling Xi’s felt a pain in her heart. Could it be that Nan Zhi would stay like this forever in the future?

“No, there is definitely a way.”

Nan Zhi stopped her hand that was about to cast a spell and held it in his hand. He hugged her. His body gradually leaned on her.

“I…like it here.” Nan Zhi suddenly said softly.

Ling Xi was stunned for a while before she understood why he said that. She choked, “After we get out of here, we will return to Cangjia Mountain and go to Xuwang Cliff. Perhaps, we can go to a very far place. To the ends of earth, I will not let you become a Chinese rose again and hide you. I will tell everyone about your existence…”

Ever since they came down of Cangjia Mountain, the thing that Ling Xi said the most to Nan Zhi was to not be impulsive and don’t show himself. She felt Nan Zhi’s displeasure. She always thought that she would find an opportunity in the future to tell him that it wasn’t because he was shameful that she couldn’t show him to the world, but it was because she was worried…

For a long time, Nan Zhi didn’t respond.

Ling Xi continued, “Nan Zhi, I’m sorry. I was afraid that they will bully you. I was afraid that you will not be by my side. I was afraid that they would say that you are a demon, a devil. That was why I didn’t dare to let you stand by my side in the open. I promise you, as long as eldest senior brother returns, we will leave. We can go search for big brother or roam the world. Nan Zhi, there would only be the two of us in the future…”

Nan Zhi’s body became colder and colder. Even his breathing was getting weaker and weaker. Ling Xi’s voice began to tremble, Nan Zhi, hug me, alright?”

“Nan Zhi, hug me, alright?”

There was no response from Nan Zhi.

Ling Xi kept calling him. He didn’t respond. She put almost all the pills into his mouth. He still didn’t respond.

Not a sound could be heard.

Ling Xi began to be afraid.

She searched for the lantern that Nan Zhi personally painted for her in the purse of tail feathers. She didn’t find it. Hence, she casted a spell to make a lot of lanterns appear and casted a bright light in this silent hell. But she was still afraid because Nan Zhi’s body began to be cold like ice and his breathing almost couldn’t be heard.

The time seemed to be still. Ling Xi couldn’t calculate how much time had passed. After she got tired of calling, she turned off those lights and nestled in Nan Zhi’s arms. She forced herself to sleep. She pretended that they were still at Xuwang Cliff, that the two of them depended mutually for life and when she wakes up, Nan Zhi is already preparing delicious food for her.

Three days, five days, perhaps ten days. Ling Xi refused to feel hunger, refused to admit that the body next to her was already cold as ice, refused to hear the breathing of her alone and refuse the attempt to talk with Nan Zhi.

She didn’t know from when it had begun that this small place was filled with the fragrance of Chinese roses.

The rich fragrance of the Chinese roses made it impossible for people to breath. It was as if it released the energy of all his life.

Finally, Ling Xi couldn’t continue to pretend anymore. She cried loudly in that void place. She slapped every visible wall and shouted, “Help.” She begged the judge, begged the king of the netherworld to let them let Nan Zhi go. She begged master, begged senior brother Qing Kui, begged senior sister Qing Lian for them to come save Nan Zhi.

Yet, no one responded to her.

When big brother left her, her mind was still muddled and she didn’t know what sadness was. When eldest senior brother left her, she was still ignorant. After she cried and blamed herself, the pain gradually faded as she got older. Now, she deeply remembers every day and night that Nan Zhi spent with her and every word and ever thing he did for her. He let her watch him leave like this with her having no way to save him.

This was the first time that Ling Xi discovered that Nan Zhi had become an indispensable part of her life.

She suddenly remembered the kiss Nan Zhi gave her before he went to the bottom of the River of Forgetfulness. It was so soft and so sweet. At that time, her body was completely unaware of the cold and her cheeks even felt a bit hot.

Ling Xi wiped her tears and stopped crying and calling. She lowered her body. She kissed him gently and sucked a bit. She caught the softness of his lips and wanted to warm him and be so close to him that there is no distance between them.

“Nan Zhi, Nan Zhi…,” She shouted his name silently in her heart to tell him not to sleep anymore.

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