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Chapter 25 part 2

Suddenly, there was movement in the quiet space. It was not big and could said to be faint, but Ling Xi heard it clearly. She looked up at Nan Zhi in shock and joy, hoping that he had opened his eyes, but unfortunately, he did not. She saw a sword in front of her that spun quietly in the air.

It was Qing Kui’s Xiangyin sword. Ever since she had gone up to Donghua Mountain, she hadn’t used it anymore.

Ling Xi looked with hazy eyes at Xiangyin sword. She didn’t have the energy to think why it had left her and spun the air. She only heard a “boom” sound. After a dazzling white light, the world seemed to have returned to normal in an instant. There was sounds of the wind, the cry of the souls and most importantly and there was a very familiar voice that said, “Who dares to bully our Ah Chou!”

“Senior brother Qing Kui…” As if she saw a light in the night, as if she found the warmth in the coldness, as if a child who received comfort after suffering grievances, Ling Xi cried out, “Senior brother Qing Kui!”

Qing Kui grabbed Xiangyin sword accurately and landed next to Ling Xi. He swept once over the sorry state of Ling Xi and cursed, “These bastards of the netherworld!”

Ling Xi was only thinking about how Nan Zhi could be saved now that senior brother Qing Kui is here. When she turned her head to look at Nan Zhi, she saw that after the wounds on his body had been exposed to the light, they turned black immediately and became dusts. Under the dust was still his black clothes and his pale and thin face.

Not waiting for Ling Xi to ponder about whether she saw wrongly, Qing Kui chanted a spell and Nan Zhi became a Chinese rose again in Ling Xi’s hair.

“Let’s go!” Qing Kui grabbed Ling Xi and went up. Only now did Ling Xi discover that they were locked in the gap between the ninth and tenth level of hell.

Ling Xi didn’t have time to ask Qing Kui how he appeared in the netherworld because when the two came out, they were ambushed from all sides. The judge was still in the lead. Qing Kui and he were locked in a battle. She was imprisoned for so many days that she was physically weak. She seemed not as strong as she wished even when dealing with a few small ghosts.

Suddenly, Ling Xi recalled what Qing Lian had told her. It is easy to see the king of hell, but difficult to deal with the lackeys.

They didn’t get the Soul-Locking water yet. After they had caused such a big noise, it would be hard to get out. It was better to see the king of hell!

Thinking about this, Ling Xi accumulated all her strength and casted a spell. She used the most destructive one and sent it to each layer of hell.

The small ghosts didn’t expect Ling Xi to do this and wasn’t able to stop it. Because of this blow from Ling Xi, all the gates of hell opened. The evil spirits of all levels of hell went up and the ghost-guards were in chaos.

When the judge saw this, he let go of Qing Kui and went to deal with those evil spirits. Every small and big ghost-guard felt the change in hell and all went down.

Qing Kui was happy, “Not seeing you for a few days, you have become smarter!”

As he talked, he continued to move up with Ling Xi.

The ghost-guards didn’t have time to deal with them. Ling Xi had the opportunity to ask, “Why is senior brother in the netherworld?”

Even senior sister Qing Lian was afraid to come in and beat the grass to scare the snake. Moreover, Qing Kui shouldn’t have known that she would come to the netherworld to get the Soul-Locking water.

  • Beat the grass to scare the snake: inadvertently alert the enemy

“Catch the demon,” Qing Kui answered briefly.

“Xinyin and Juisheng are still in the hands of that judge.” Ling Xi was afraid that Qing Kui will take them (QK&LX) directly out of the netherworld and quickly told him that.

Qing Kui cursed again.

“What about we go find the king of the hell?” Ling Xi suggested.

The judge was now busy cleaning up the hell. Go find him to get Xinyin and Juisheng back was the same as pouring oil on fire. Nan Zhi wasn’t even able to get the Soul-Locking water after being wounded like that. Ling Xi also didn’t have hope that she would be able to get it. It was better to go see the king of hell and see whether she could beg him…

“Originally, I intended to go find that pervert!” Qing Kui took many turns with Ling Xi. The whole way, those small ghosts couldn’t catch up.

After rushing the whole way, Ling Xi discovered that the netherworld didn’t only have cold and dark places. Many palaces that they had passed were magnificent and dazzling. They even had gardens. There was the same blue sky and white clouds. The pavilions and artistic conception were not worse than the immortal realm. It was just that the two of them had circled around for many times and still didn’t find the palace of the king of hell.

The netherworld couldn’t be more chaotic at this time. According to reason, the king of hell should’ve come out and deal with the two of them. When Ling Xi gave the opening of hell a blow was because she wanted to make this matter big and let the king of hell appear.

Qing Kui went around a few more times and still couldn’t find his destination. Ling Xi whispered, “Senior brother, did you discover…we seem to be circling around in the same place.”

Qing Kui had discovered that long ago. He just didn’t believe that he couldn’t get out of this strange circle.

He stopped angrily. Ling Xi was also breathless.

The two had just stood still when a small ghost suddenly appeared in front of them.

That small ghost looked about seven or eight-year-old. He had a handsome appearance with red lips and white teeth. He had his hands behind his back and stared at them faintly.

Qing Kui said, “Little ghost, where is your king of hell?”

After the boy was asked this, he glared once at him (QK), “Why are you looking for the king of hell? Could our wise and awesome king of hell be someone that you get to see whenever you want?”

“Pei!” Qing Kui was furious at this moment. “I think he is a vulgar bastard! Since he couldn’t find beautiful female ghosts, he hid that bone-eating demon that changed her face into a beautiful face every day. Did he think that I didn’t dare to barge into the netherworld?”

The boy’s face flushed and scolded, “Nonsense! If you continue to speak nonsense, I will let people peel off your skin, throw it in the River of Forgetfulness and let it scatter into ashes and disperse into smoke!”

Qing Kui swept a disapproving glance at him, “You will let ghosts, right?”

“You…you…” The boy pointed at him and didn’t know what to say. He simply yelled, “People! Throw these two bastards from the immortal realm into the River of Forgetfulness for this king!”

Ling Xi was stunned. This ghost with a child-like appearance was dressed luxuriously. They happened to be in a rather luxurious palace. It made him appear haughtier as if made by the heaven. If you said that his status was not low, she would believe it, but…he is the king of hell?

“Pfff…” Qing Kui couldn’t help but laugh. “Haha, you…you are the king of hell?”

It happened that a group of ghost-guards came to take orders. They paid their respect to the boy and said, “As you bid!”

When Qing Kui saw this, he held back his laughter, raised his hand and said, “Wait!”

Little king of hell glared once at him and waited for what he had to say.

Qing Kui said earnestly, “If your highness the king of hell wants to catch us, it should also be justified.”

“What justified? Just now, you insulted this king in this king’s face. Can it be that you still can be justified?” Little king of hell was angry.

Qing Kui said, “Your highness is at fault on this matter first. That bone-eating demon caused a disaster in the mortal realm. How many people and young girls had died because of her? Your highness still hid her in private and you also wanted to throw the immortals who came to catch her into the River of Forgetfulness. If this gets out, no one will say that the king of hell is the reasonable one!”

“When had this king hid the bone-eating demon?!” Little king of hell’s eyes were evasive. It was obvious that he was not telling the truth.

“Then, it’s funny. Without your highness’s permission, such a big demon entered the netherworld, would your underlings be “harmonized”?”

  • He probably means had sex with her

“Vulgar!” Little king of hell glared once more at Qing Kui and pretended to cough twice. Then, he said leisurely, “Alright, even if I had hidden the bone-eating demon, she has escaped now. You can go chase after her. This king will take it as if you have never been here. But this one!” Little king of hell pointed at Ling Xi and said, “He sneaked into the netherworld with a few immortal spirits and deliberately wanted to steal the Soul-Locking water! Forget it if he wanted to steal the Soul-Locking water. Now, he caused a great commotion in hell. How can I just let him go?”

“If it wasn’t because you entangled and tortured a good girl into this, did I have to break into hell?” Qing Kui said in disdain.

When little king of hell heard the word “girl”, his expression immediately changed. Those eyes sparkled and he wondered, “It was a girl?”

Ling Xi’s hair was a mess. There were blood and tears all over her body. There was also the color of the water of the River of Forgetfulness and the red spider lilies. Her face was even more splendid (with wounds). It was indeed impossible to tell whether she was a man or woman.

Little king of hell chanted a spell. In a blink of an eye, the dirt on Ling Xi had disappeared. The wounds on her body also disappeared. Her hair was neatly done and her face was a lot more refreshing. When that little king of hell saw Ling Xi’s face clearly, he froze on spot.

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