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Chapter 25 part 3

Qing Kui glared once at him. He silently cursed and wondered whether this little pervert took a fancy on Ling Xi. If that was the case, then it would be more troublesome…

“Little…little…” Little king of hell blinked vigorously. Tears almost fell out. After he was sure that he didn’t saw wrongly, he affirmed, “Little Xi?”

Now, it was Ling Xi’s turn to be surprised. She had never seen this child. Why was he so excited and also knew her name?

“Little Xi! It’s truly little Xi!” Little king of hell blushed and ran into Ling Xi’s arms. “Little Xi, you finally came to see me!”

Ling Xi took two steps back, but her hand was still grabbed by him.

“Your…your highness the king of hell…you…” Ling Xi didn’t know how to deal with him. She wanted to get rid of his hand but her hand had been tightly grasped by him.

“I know that you are no longer the past you. Ever since last time…” Little king of hell suddenly paused and glared once at Qing Kui. “You can go back first. I will have a talk about old times with little Xi. I will send her back to you later.”

Qing Kui was reluctant, but little king of hell said angrily, “If you don’t go out now, I will keep you here forever!”

Qing Kui knew that although this little king of hell looked like a child, but he couldn’t be underestimated. However, when he saw Ling Xi’s pitiful eyes, he was not at ease leaving her alone here.

“People, sent him down (to hell) for this king!” Little king of hell truly got angry.

Qing Kui knew that he (QK) would never have a chance to win against him if he (QK) used force. He cupped his hand and said earnestly, “This humble one is the second disciple Qing Kui of the supremo of Cangjia sect. This one is this humble one’s junior sister Ling Xi. This humble one hopes that your highness the king of hell would keep your promise and sent Ling Xi safely out of the netherworld!”

“Talk less nonsense. Quickly go away!” While little king of hell gestured with his hand, he pulled Ling Xi away.

Before leaving, Qing Kui gave Ling Xi a reassuring gesture. The king of hell hasn’t come to the point yet of detaining an immortal disciple publicly.

Ling Xi was reluctant to go with the king of hell, but when she thought about not getting the Soul-Locking water yet and Xinyin and Juisheng were still in their hands, she had no choice but to cater to the king of hell. Remembering that Qing Lian had once told her that the king of hell liked young women, she forced herself to pull out a fawning smile.

“Little Xi, what have you been doing all these years?”

“Little Xi, do you still remember my name?”

“Little Xi, last time I also wanted to go save you, but I got the message too late. You didn’t blame me, right?”


No matter what little king of hell said, Ling Xi just smiled. She was afraid to answer wrongly and let the king of hell realize that she wasn’t that “little Xi” and would change the way he treated her. She also didn’t understand most of little king of hell’s questions.

“Hey, little Xi, the Chinese rose in your hair is very interesting.” Little king of hell suddenly noticed Nan Zhi, causing Ling Xi’s heartbeat to quicken.

“Is that your immortal spirit?” Little king of hell blinked at her smilingly.

Ling Xi nodded.

“Such a rare immortal object. It’s a pity that he soaked for a long time in the water of the River of Forgetfulness…”

When Ling Xi heard this, she couldn’t stop herself from saying, “He was badly injured. My spells had no effect on him. Your highness…your highness, do you have a way?”

It was rare for the little king of hell to hear Ling Xi speak so many words. He patted his chest and said, “Is there a thing that is hard for this king?!”

Ling Xi was about to thank him when little king of hell whispered, “But the wounds caused by the River of Forgetfulness…little Xi, don’t blame me. I’m afraid that there is no one who has a way in these six realms…Otherwise, everyone would get the idea to take the Soul-Locking water.”

When Ling Xi heard this, the glimmer in her eyes extinguished quickly.

“But don’t worry about it. Fortunately, your immortal spirit is a Chinese rose.” Little king of hell said quickly, “He would only lost skin at best after being wounded by the water of the River of Forgetfulness.”

When Ling Xi thought about Nan Zhi’s wounds, her heart felt so much pain.

“When that layer of skin had peeled off, he would be fine! If you don’t believe me, take it down and look. Isn’t this Chinese rose a lot smaller?” Little king of hell added.

Ling Xi didn’t move. She just had her head lowered and didn’t say anything.

Little king of hell was very upset and forced himself to ask, “You came this time to get the Soul-Locking water?”

Sure enough, when he said that, Ling Xi’s eyes lit up again and nodded.

Little king of hell also nodded. He looked closely once at Ling Xi and muttered to himself, “Mm…Although, this soul was not badly repaired, but experts would know with one glance. It indeed needed the Soul-Locking water to supplement…”

Ling Xi looked at him puzzled. Telling her to supplement her soul…this Soul-Locking water would be used to bind eldest senior brother’s broken soul together. Of course, she didn’t dare to tell little king of hell that and remained silent.

“Haha. Since it’s for you, I will naturally give you it.”

Ling Xi looked at the king of hell in disbelief. Such an important thing to the netherworld, he actually promised to give it to her so easily?

“But the Soul-Locking water is the water source of the River of Forgetfulness. You can only take it for seven days. I will cast a spell. Ten days, at most ten days, you must return it!”

Little king of hell didn’t seem to be joking. Ling Xi nodded quickly.

“Haha, you certainly don’t remember my name…” Little king of hell smiled shyly, “Then, remember it this time. My name is Ming Sheng. We already knew each other thirteen thousand years ago.”

  • His name means born in the netherworld.

Ling Xi was more confused. Thirteen thousand years…one had to know that it was rumored that high-tiered deity Donghua is eight-thousand-year-old. He was already the oldest immortal of the immortal realm…

“Moreover, last time you had promised me that you would marry me when I grow up.” Little king of hell blushed. “Although, only ten thousand years has passed and I still have one hundred thousand years before I grow up and you also don’t remember those past things anymore, but is this promise still valid?”

Ling Xi thought for a moment. Hundred thousand years… She didn’t even dare to think about ten years let alone hundred thousand years…

“Mm.” Now, she only wanted to leave quickly with the Soul-Locking water. What would happen in a hundred thousand years, let’s talk about it after a hundred thousand years…

“Alright! Play here for a few days. After I take you to get the Soul-Locking water, I will send you out.” Little king of hell was very happy after he got Ling Xi’s consent.

Ling Xi pondered a moment and the probed, “I…I still have friends waiting for me outside. It’s better…”

“That’s right. Supplementing a soul is a big matter!” Little king of hell suddenly said, “Haha, perhaps after your soul is supplemented, you will remember who I am. I will take you to get the Soul-Locking water now!”

Ling Xi didn’t expect things to go so smoothly. She said, “I also have two immortal spirits…”

“Oh, is it that hairpin and that wine gourd?” Little king of hell seemed to be afraid that Ling Xi would be unhappy and quickly said, “I will immediately let the judge bring them over to you!”

This time, Ling Xi truly laughed.

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