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Chapter 45

“Eldest senior brother, master’s true element had indeed been taken by Jing Yan. You must step forward on this matter, capture that Jing Yan and take revenge for master!” Qing Kui’s eyes were bloodshot. Although, he usually was lazy, unruly and uninhibited, he was brought up by Cang Yu and received his teachings. Their bond was very strong. He had never thought that one day he would see his master be murdered by someone.

Feng Shu’s white clothes fluttered. His expression was like dust. Not a tint of the world couldn’t blend in those opened eyes. He was silent and didn’t speak.

“In any case, you have called him master! Even if he had blamed you wrongly in the past and confined you at Xuwang cliff, but to let you resurrect, he exhausted all his heart’s blood. That is already enough to compensate you! Why do you have to be so cold-hearted and unfeeling?” When Qing Kui saw his reaction, he broke away from Qing Lian’s hold and said angrily, “ You being like this, how are you worthy of becoming master’s great disciple? How are you worthy of being Cangjia’s supremo?”

“I’ve never said that I want to be Cangjia’s supremo.” Feng Shu suddenly opened his mouth and said faintly.

Qing Kui was choked by this sentence. His face got red from restraining. He was only able to utter the word “you”.

“One’s life span is decided by the mandate of heaven. Death to him may not be a bad thing.” Having said this, Feng Shu wanted to get up and leave.

Qing Kui’s anger had been completely ignited by this sentence. He disregarded everything and scolded, “Master was really blind to accept you as disciple and handed Cangjia Mountain over to you. I think that even if you watch that demoness destroy Cangjia, you will still have this not living or dying appearance! No wonder that the snow lotuses you opened that year were black. It turned out to be because you are so stone and black-hearted! No, it’s simply that you are heartless!”

Feng Shu didn’t look at him from the beginning to the end. He listened to the scolding with lowered eyes. Without a change in his voice, he said slowly, “I’m afraid that what you need to worry about now is not Jing Yan.”

After having said that, he left.

Qing Kui blanked out. He saw Qing Nian hurriedly enter Cloud Hall and said anxiously, “The devil king held a group of disciple hostage at Dimai peak. He demanded for the silver mirror or he would wash Cangjia Mountain with blood!”

At this time, Cang Hai and Qing Lian were in the hall. When they heard this, their expression changed greatly.

When the soul of those ordinary disciples who had little cultivation left the body and resurrected, they naturally couldn’t remember what had happened. However, they remembered clearly how Nan Zhi easily got rid of each one of the disciples that night. They remembered how the vibrant Cangjia Mountain was stained with blood, covered with skeletons and became a mass grave. And, how they were powerless to resist, failed and wiped over the floor.

  • Failed and wiped over the floor: a crushing defeat

If that night happens again, no one knew whether Cangjia would have such luck and be resurrected again.

The few people looked at each other and quickly left the hall. Qing Lian commanded, “Qing Nian, go notify eldest senior brother.”

“Notify my ass!” Qing Kui said angrily, “Did you not hear what he just said? He had long foreseen that the devil king would come. If he wanted to bother, he wouldn’t have left just now.”

Qing Lian was silent. Qing Nian still retreated quietly and went to Feng Shu’s place. Cang Hai didn’t say anything.

Dimai peak was chaotic but it was tranquil.

The group of disciples looked terrified while holding a double-edged sword at the imperious as if made by heaven Nan Zhi. They didn’t dare to get close and also didn’t dare to retreat. Some disciples had already been wounded, but there were no fatalities. They didn’t take action. Nan Zhi also didn’t take the initiative to act. They also didn’t know why when they saw those black clothes, they would tremble in fear.

When Qing Kui arrived at Dimai peak, he saw this scene.

Nan Zhi was obviously a devil born to kill, but he looked like a god who overlooked all living things and covered half of Cangjia Mountain’s sky. He stared coldly at them and looked at them land on the ground. Then, his gaze fell on Qing Kui and he said in a deep voice, “Hand over the silver mirror.”

Qing Kui wanted to rush forward but was stopped by Cang Hai. He only heard him Cang Hai say, “The silver mirror had disappeared since the night of the fifteenth of July. Cangjia also searched to no avail. This old man knows that devil king is eager to save her. If we have the mirror, we will certainly hand it over.”

After experiencing so many things these few years, Cang Hai changed a lot. He had become less and less impetuous. His temperament also changed a lot. He became much calmer and was no longer reckless and irritable like in the past. Especially after Cang Yu’s matter, all the affairs of Cangjia Mountain fell on him.

“Hand over the silver mirror,” Nan Zhi repeated. It was apparent that he didn’t believe Cang Hai.

“If you hand over Ling Xi, I will hand over the silver mirror!” Qing Kui said through gritted teeth.

Nan Zhi’s expression darkened. In an instant, the sand flew, the rocks moved and the sky was covered with dark clouds. The disciples of Dimai peak were almost all beginners. Their cultivation was so shallow that they couldn’t help but back a few steps.

Cang Hai frowned and gave Qing Kui a dissatisfied glance.

He naturally knew that there wouldn’t be a good outcome if they meet Nan Zhi force with force. Seeing that his murderous intent wasn’t so strong today, perhaps, if he (CH) tell him the truth, he (NZ) would not make things difficult for Cangjia.

However, ever since Qing Kui faced Nan Zhi for the first time on the fifteenth of July, he couldn’t suppress the resentment in his heart no matter what.

Ling Xi treated him (NZ) so well. If it wasn’t for her, he wouldn’t have woken up so quickly. In order to stay with him at ease, she took the initiative to ask Cang Hai to take her one immortal part and four mortal parts to save master. Even if she couldn’t see, couldn’t hear and even couldn’t feel, she wasn’t willing to go down the mountain with him (QK) and instead wanted to stay by the person who wanted to kill her.

“Hah, didn’t you know the spell of recalling a soul? Didn’t you have a lover who you had loved to death for thousands of years? Didn’t you want to revive that person using Ling Xi’s body?” Qing Kui didn’t care about the pulling of others. While he spoke, his eyes were bloodshot and he said with hatred, “That being the case, why did you abandon the recalling soul spell and chase after the silver mirror? What? Now that the recalling soul spell had failed, you want to use the silver mirror to repair? Why should I give it to you?! Why should I use the mirror that contains Ling Xi’s soul to fulfill your selfish desire?”

The sky was so dark that no light could be detected. A strong wind seemed to be signaling about the coming of a rainstorm. A storm and heavy rain rose in Nan Zhi’s eyes. He moved like a ghost and struck Qing Kui.

Qing Kui had long been prepared. He dodged one blow and still continued, “How did you possess the Chinese flower in the past? How did Ling Xi awaken your spiritual consciousness? How did she let you cultivate a form? How much did she devote to you in order to protect you? Did you hear here cry in hell for you and prayed to god and worshipped the Buddha? Did you see her not eat, not sleep, not rest a whole month for you? Did you know that she gave up parts of her soul and lost her five senses for you? Haha, devil king Nan Zhi is truly worthy of being a devil! You actually tore her soul apart for another woman!”

Suddenly, a thunder could be heard and seemed to rip the sky apart, leaving a silver light illuminating the pale faces of Cangjia’s people. Only Qing Kui was laughing loudly. He laughed while watching Nan Zhi become more imposing.

Nan Zhi stood motionlessly. Only the black spell in his hand became heavier and stronger and hit Qing Kui unexpectedly.

Qing Kui had been hit and spit out a mouthful of blood. He fell and rolled on the ground.

The disciples of Cangjia immediately surrounded Nan Zhi and wanted to attack. Qing Lian also stepped forward but was stopped by Cang Hai.

“I have promised her to not hurt you all.” Nan Zhi swept coldly over everyone. In the end, his gaze fell on Qing Kui, “Give me the silver mirror.”

Qing Kui was still laughing. There was blood in his mouth. The words he uttered were no longer so clear, but they were vaguely discernible, “We have long died once on the fifteenth of July! Still pretending to be a gentleman here…do you think Ling Xi will forgive you in heaven?”

A silver sword appeared in Nan Zhi’s hand. The blade pointed directly at Qing Kui’s heart and his voice became colder, “Give me the silver mirror.”

Qing Kui sneered, “You also pointed the sword like this at Ling Xi on the fifteenth of July, draw a cross on her forehead, casted a spell…”

Nan Zhi’s hold on the sword became tighter and tighter. The sword light fluctuated up and down. He didn’t seem to want to listen to Qing Kui anymore. He retrieved the sword and chanted an incantation.

Qing Kui was immediately shrouded by a black aura. He rolled and howled from pain on the ground.

Qing Lian looked away with ache in her heart. She knew that she couldn’t win even if she attacked. Begging was also useless. They indeed don’t have the silver mirror. The only thing they could do was not to anger Nan Zhi and attract more calamity.

However, Qing Kui’s face grew paler. He was full of sweat from pain. His body was full of dust because of having rolled on the ground.

From the beginning to the end, Nan Zhi only has five words…”Hand over the silver mirror.”

Finally, other colors appeared in the sky. From a distance, two figures came on a sword. Qing Lian looked closely. It was Qing Nian and …junior uncle Cang Qu.

The moment Cang Qu landed, he saw Qing Kui. He shouted from heartache, “Stop! I know where the silver mirror is!”

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