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Chapter 46 part 1

The sun was shining brightly on this day. The sunshine of the early autumn was still bright as if the whole world was covered with a silver light.

In an ordinary pub, Qin Ling tasted wine. Ling Xi ate absent-minded. Qin Ling asked casually, “Go to the netherworld today?”

The hand that Ling Xi held the chopstick paused. After a while, she said, “Mm.”

“In my opinion, it’s safer to take the devil king’s true element first.” Qin Ling said smilingly while drinking wine, “Little king of hell’s power is unfathomable. On the surface, he looked like an innocent child, but in fact, he is not easy to deal with. On the contrary, as for the devil king, you can use this body as a threat and use the past relationship with him. There is a higher chance in succeeding.”

Ling Xi put down the chopsticks. She was silent for a while.

When Qin Ling saw that her mind was elsewhere, he no longer spoke. It happened that the conversation at the table next to them became entangled.

“Now the three realms, immortal, demon and mortal are in chaos. Junior sister, it’s safer for you go back with me.” The man’s voice was deep, but it was clear.

“Go back and practice sword and cultivate again. I don’t want to.” The female’s voice was lovable with some arrogance.

“It’s fine as long as you come back with me and avoid this storm. Afterwards, I will send you down the mountain and won’t let the supremo find out about it.”

“How can he not find out about it? I spent a lot effort to hide here and not let the sect-mates find out. To speak about safety, this mortal realm is the safest. If it was the immortal realm, I have heard that even Cangjia’s Feng Shu doesn’t bother with affairs. Just that little cultivation of our supremo…”

The two words “Feng Shu” seemed to pull Ling Xi’s thoughts back. Her eyes lit up and she looked at the man and woman who was speaking. The woman was dressed like an ordinary woman of the mortal realm. The man was dressed in the uniform of Liyang Mountain.

“At least there is Feng Shu in the immortal realm if something happens. In the mortal realm, the people around you lacked the strength even to truss a chicken...”

  • Lacking the strength even to truss a chicken: weak

Ling Xu didn’t have the mood to continue listen anymore. She looked at Qin Ling and carefully asked, “They said, eldest senior brother…Feng Shu has returned?”

Qin Ling raised an eyebrow and said, “Maybe. That person promised that he would fulfill your wish. Everyone of Cangjia had resurrected. It isn’t strange that he had also come back alive.”

Ling Xi’s lips raised a bit.

In the end, it was worth it.

The her of now wouldn’t feel guilt nor compassion. She had forgotten the feeling of gratitude and had forgotten what remorse was. When she is happy, the feeling isn’t as strong as before. She became easy to anger and easy to feel hate. However, she didn’t lose her memory. She remembers why she had surrendered her conscience and she remembers for how long she had wished for Feng Shu’s return.

So, when she heard this news, even if she no longer felt as excited as before, she still smiled faintly.

A black bird suddenly appeared under the scorching sun. It seemed to be a crow at first glance, but when you look at it carefully, it was not. It flew straight to Ling Xi. Before Ling Xi could look carefully, it turned into a paper. Ling Xi reached out and caught it.

There were only a few words and a signature on the paper. A very familiar handwriting.

Meet you tonight at Cangjia Mountain’s Cloud Hall.

Nan Zhi.

Tonight, was another night with a full moon. Ling Xi looked at the moon that was like a silver plate and then looked at the still leisure Qin Ling next to her, “Big brother, aren’t you afraid that this is a trap?”

After all, it was rumored at Cangjia Mountain that Jing Yan took away Cang Yu’s true element and had sent him to the Western Paradise. Nan Zhi’s sudden invitation and it was at Cangjia’s Cloud hall was truly very strange.

  • Western Paradise: the place for the deceased.

However, she decided to go to the appointment. Big brother also didn’t object.

Perhaps, she listened to him and also felt that it was more adequate to take the devil king’s true element first. Perhaps, it was because she heard that Feng Shu has returned, she felt happy and wanted to see him again. Or perhaps, she was unable to reject Nan Zhi’s invitation. In any case, they changed their plan to go to the netherworld today and went to Cangjia Mountain instead.

“They have to be able to trap you and me.” Qin Ling smiled brightly. The dark green clothes looked like a dark flower blooming in the night.

Ling Xi pursed her lips. Only he who has such a high spiritual energy that even the heaven would get angry about would have capital to say such a thing when facing Cangjia Mountain and Nan Zhi at the same time.

“Jing Yan.” Qin Ling suddenly said, “You have to keep in mind. You…can’t be tormented anymore.”

Ling Xi’s expression sank. Her eyes darkened and she nodded.

The lights of Cangjia Mountain were brightly lit, but Cloud Hall was empty.

Ling Xi stepped into the hall cautiously. Qin Ling leisurely followed behind.

“Big brother, why is there no one?” Ling Xi tried to explore the nearby aura with a spell. Aside from her and big brother, there was no one else in this hall.

Qin Ling stared leisurely in front of him and laughed, “Naturally, there is.”

His words just fell when Ling Xi saw a black fog rolling in front of her. After the thick fog had dispersed, one person appeared.

Nan Zhi was still dressed in black. His face was clean with sharp. His human body just formed when he coldly swept over Ling Xi. When his eyes fell on Qin Ling, his expression was unpredictable.

“Jing Yan? Qin Ling?” Nan Zhi opened his mouth first and asked in a deep voice.

Qin Ling cupped his hand like someone from the jianghu and smiled, “Right, right. I’ve long heard about devil king Nan Zhi. Seeing you today, you are really extraordinary!”

  • Jianghu: the milieu of the wuxia tales

Nan Zhi’s dagger-like eyes swept over Qin Ling. If it was another, that person’s legs would have went soft under that cold murderous intent, but Qin Ling ignored it and continued to smile, “But Qin Ling still likes high-tiered god Nan Zhi more. The graceful bearing of high-tiered god Nan Zhi of the past is still vividly in my mind!”

Qin Ling sighed with regret. Coldness flashed through Nan Zhi’s eyes and he said, “It is really you…silver mirror.”

Qin Ling smiled more brilliantly, “That’s right. I’m that silver mirror of Cangjia Mountain. Then, do you know what Jing Yan is?”

He suddenly pulled Ling Xi who was behind him and pushed her forward.

Nan Zhi gloomy swept once over her. When his gaze passed her face, his eyes flickered. Then, he immediately returned to normal and scorned, “A ray of a remnant soul that seized the body of others.”

Ling Xi’s body trembled slightly. Under Nan Zhi’s gaze, she wanted to hide behind Qin Ling again. In the end, she refrained from it. She straightened her back and asked, “Devil king invited Jing Yan to here, is it that you want to offer your true element?”

Nan Zhi didn’t wait for Ling Xi’s words to fall, when he already casted a spell and struck Qin Ling.

This blow was only to feel out. There wasn’t much strength to it. Qin Ling evaded it easily. Nan Zhi’s face turned cold. A wind rose in the hall. the candlelight flickered. Then, there was another blow. A thick black fog mixed with roaring coldness hit towards Qin Ling. Ling Xi suddenly stepped forward, casted a spell and blocked this blow from Nan Zhi. Qin Ling transformed into his true form, becoming a palm-sized mirror and inserted itself into Ling xi’s waist.

A slight surprise appeared on Nan Zhi’s face, but he was not distracted. He closed his eyes and accumulated energy for another blow.

The black fog lingered outside of the silver barrier as if it would swallow it at any time. However, the silver barrier was also not weak, grew thicker and slowly pushed the black fog outward.

Qin Ling only knew a few practical self-defense spells, for example, the invisibility spell. He didn’t know any offensive spell. It was in vain that he had a spiritual that could invert the six realms. Therefore, whether it was in the mortal realm or demon realm, every attack was  made by Ling Xi. Qin Ling would use his spiritual energy to help.

It was the same this time. The incandescent light of the silver mirror around Ling Xi’s waist became more dazzling and the energy flowed continuously into her body. The range of her barrier also became larger and thicker.

Nan Zhi didn’t expect that they would have such powerful spiritual energy. He retrieved his five fingers, dispersed the black fog and transformed to be offensive. A silver sword appeared in his hand and attacked Ling Xi.

Ling Xi also did the same and greeted him with sword.

It was obvious that Ling Xi was not as good as Nan Zhi at such close combat. Using sword and using spells. Ling Xi was also not as skilled as Nan Zhi. After a hundred rounds, even if Qin Ling had joined forces with her and even if Ling Xi may not be worse than Nan Zhi, her weakness still showed and she dangerously escaped a stab. Before Ling Xi could stabilize her body, she saw Nan Zhi coming with another stab straight at her heart.

Ling Xi’s face paled and felt that she had no way to dodge it. When that sword was almost at her heart, it turned direction and pierced into the sky.

It turned out…that he couldn’t bear to harm this body.

That being the case…

An unspeakable smile appeared on Ling Xi’s face. She clenched the sword in her hand. Without care, she ran straight to Nan Zhi. Nan Zhi retreated and retreated. While he tried to avoid Ling Xi’s sword, he also tried to avoid the body trying to pounce on his blade. The more he was like this, the deeper and more bitter Ling Xi’s smile became and the faster and more ruthless she moved. In the end, Nan Zhi simply dropped his sword and fought her with spells.

Nan Zhi casted spells. Ling Xi dissolved them one by one. Nan Zhi threw away his sword, Ling Xi didn’t. The attacks with the sword became fiercer. Nan Zhi seemed to have some scruples when he casted spells. He only used spells that didn’t hurt Ling Xi’s body. Ling Xi quickly gained the upper hand.

“Pierce straight between the eyebrows and take his true element.” Qin Ling’s voice suddenly rang.

The space between the eyebrows was the vital part of a soul in a body. Piercing the heart would only damage the body’s function. It was useful against ordinary people of the mortal realm. For those who has cultivation, only by damaging the space between the eyebrows, hurt his soul and take his true element would let him lose his life.

The silver light around Ling Xi shone more brightly. The blade of the sword pierced straight at him with sharp murderous intent.

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