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Chapter 46 part 2

At that moment, the world seemed to be still.

Ling Xi couldn’t hear anything and couldn’t feel the passage of time. Nan Zhi’s face was getting closer and closer. The light of the sword’s tip was getting sharper and sharper. It was obviously just in a blink of an eye, but it slowed down in her mind, became more slower and more and more slow.

Suddenly, the scene of that year appeared in front of her eyes. Under the sunlight outside the seven-story pagoda, he walked step by step towards her, but was suddenly hit by a red beam and became a Chinese rose in a blink of an eye. The rose petals withered and disappeared. At her ear sounded the refreshing autumn wind of Cangjia Mountain. Her Bingling sword pierced into his heart. The sound of blood and flesh being cut open was like thunder.

“Would…there be one day that you won’t listen to me anymore?”


“Would there be one day that you are no longer by my side?”


He was her immortal spirit. She was his owner. He couldn’t leave her, she would also not abandon him. They would be together forever.


Seeing that the sword was about to pierce Nan Zhi’s forehead, Ling Xi’s hand suddenly took a turn and at the same time withdrew the spell that she had casted.

“Jing Yan! You…”

Ling Xi’s movements were too fast and too violent, making the spiritual energy reverse on her. Qin Ling hasn’t finished speaking yet, when Ling Xi fell onto the ground and spit out a mouthful of blood. The silver mirror also fell from her waist.

Nan Zhi’s expression turned cold. He picked up the silver mirror that had fallen beside her.

“Big brother!” Ling Xi shouted and chased after him!

Ling Xi had just stepped outside of Cloud Hall when she was surrounded by Cangjia’s disciples who appeared out of nowhere. These disciples were probably prepared to attack her the moment she appeared, but there was a lot of hesitation when they saw her face. As a result, some couldn’t stop their attack in time and fell.

Ling Xi had no time to care about this. She only stared at Nan Zhi. She saw that he floated in the air and the silver mirror was surrounded by the black fog in his hand.

“Let go of big brother!” Ling Xi could no longer describe the feelings in her heart at this moment; whether they were sadness, grief, indignation or cold lamentation.

Before Ling Xi could fly and chase, she was stopped by one person.

“Return master’s true element!” Qing Kui held Xiangyin sword and spared no effort to attack Ling Xi.

Without the silver mirror, whether it was Ling Xi’s movements or spiritual energy, it couldn’t be compared to previously. Now that Qing Kui attacked her so suddenly, her whole body froze and she was motionless.

“It’s Ling Xi!” A childish voice suddenly sounded.

At the same time, the wine gourd on Qing Kui’s waist suddenly became larger and bumped the hand holding the sword. The hand was pushed and the sword pierced into another direction.

Qing Kui also froze for a moment. He retrieved Xiangyin sword and looked at Ling Xi. With that glance, astonishment, grief, rapture and disbelief appeared in his eyes. He looked up at Nan Zhi who was still in mid-air as if he (QK) wanted to get answers from him.

Nan Zhi’s face was brightly lit by the lights of Cangjia Mountain. The light didn’t dissolve the coldness on his face. Qing Kui’s gaze also didn’t let his bearing ease a bit. Nan Zhi held the silver sword in his hand and his long black hair was blown messily by the wind. He said faintly, “Not allowed to harm the body, you…can do whatever you want with the person.”

His words made Ling Xi couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

It was truly a trap.

There would actually  be a time where Cangjia Mountain would cooperate with the devil king and she, willingly went into the trap and personally handed big brother over.

“Jing Yan?” All the emotions in Qing Kui’s eyes had been replaced by hatred and asked through gritted teeth.

Ling Xi just laughed, laughing as the best as she could.

Juisheng floated in the air and was at loss about what to do. The person in front of him was obviously Ling Xi…

Qing Kui once again raised Xiangyin sword. Only hatred was at the bottom of his eyes, “Get out of Ling Xi’s body!”

His words haven’t fell yet when he already attacked Ling Xi.

Ling Xi without the silver mirror was only a “mortal” with a ray of soul residing in a body packed with broken souls. She was even weaker than the past her who had two immortal parts and three mortal parts. How could she be Qing Kui’s opponent?

Only after ten rounds, she already felt that she was about to float out of this body. Qing Kui’s attacks didn’t stop. Because he didn’t want to harm this body, he put away Xiangyin sword after a few more rounds and casted a spell, wanting to drive Ling Xi’s soul out.

Ling Xi was covered by a heat wave. The longer it went on, the higher the heat. It took only a moment for her whole body to feel like it was being burned by fire. The broken souls inside of her where screaming, rejecting her and trying to drive her out. Her own soul was also trying to escape this pain.

But she didn’t want to.

Why should she?

This was her body. Why should she give it to others?

Why does she have to get out when everyone wanted to drive her out?

Why should Ling Xi without a conscience care about the feelings of others?

However, even if she didn’t want to and was unwilling, the soul couldn’t bear the burning of the fire. Qing Kui not only wanted to drive her out of this body, he also wanted to burn her to death with the fire.

Unexpectedly, Ling Xi wrapped in the firelight burst into tears.

She remembers that in the past, senior brother Qing Kui was most afraid of her crying.

It had been many years that she hasn’t cried in front of him.

Big brother said that she didn’t have a conscience, but it was not that she didn’t have a heart. So, she would still feel heartache.

At this moment, she looked at Qing Kui’s resentful face through the firelight. She felt heartache, so painful that her tears fell without restraint.

“Senior brother…Qing Kui…”

Ling Xi called him silently. She felt her soul slowly float up. Suddenly, the body cooled down. The hot pain disappeared and with a bump she returned to the body again.

Ling Xi fell on the ground. She opened her eyes. Through her tears, she saw white clothes coming from the moon.

Such a scene was so familiar.

So familiar that it made her nose itchy again.

The man’s jade-like hand stopped in front of her eyes. She reached out and held it just like many years ago…warmth entered her heart.

Qing Kui’s fire was extinguished by Feng Shu. Arriving with Feng Shu was Qing Lian, Qing Nian and Cang Hai. When they saw Ling Xi, they were shocked. Before they said anything, Qing Kui already said angrily, “Eldest senior brother! She is not Ling Xi! She is Jing Yan who killed master!”

Feng Shu pretended not to hear. He only wiped away the tears and dirt from Ling Xi’s face and gently smoothed her hair.

There were still tears in Ling Xi’s eyes. She stared at him without blinking.

He hasn’t changed a bit over the years. His expressions, movements, attitude was the same as she remembered.

Would he recognize who she is?

Would he drive her out of this body?

“Eldest…” Ling Xi hasn’t finished yet when Feng Shu gently stroked her hair and asked, “Do you still not remember?”

Ling Xi went blank. That year when eldest senior brother soul was dispersed and scattered, the last sentence he said to her was, “You…still don’t remember…?”

Remember what? What should she remember?

Ling Xi stared blankly at Feng Shu.

“Then, do you still remember what you promised me inside the mirror?”

When saying this sentence, Feng Shu’s expression and tone didn’t change, but when Ling Xi heard that, she felt as if her whole world turned upside down!

“It, it’s…you?” Ling Xi backed away a few steps in disbelief. She shook off his hand, stumbled and fell on the ground.

It was him. It turned out to be him.

“Do…you want them to come back?”

“Give me your conscience and do one thing for me. Then…it would be as you wished for.”

The voice inside the silver mirror turned out to be him.

It was the eldest senior brother who she wanted to save and was determined to save these paste few years.

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