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Chapter 47 part 1

Ling Xi felt like as if she was hit by a heavy blow. Her eyes were empty and it was impossible to tell where she was looking at. She let Feng Shu help her up. She didn’t cry nor laugh and asked woodenly, “Why…?”

He is so powerful, but pretended that his soul had dispersed and scattered and hid inside the silver mirror. All these years, he watched her feel guilty and blamed herself for his death and watched her suffer endlessly in order to resurrect him. He knew that the silver mirror was big brother, but had never told her and only let her cultivate well. And…ended up as today.

No wonder…no wonder Cang Yu had seen him and knew that she would take his (CY) true element and even voluntarily give up his true element…

Why? Why did he had to make such a big roundabout?

Feng Shu still stroked her hair gently and didn’t answer.

When the other people heard these words, they didn’t understand what Feng Shu was talking about. Cang Hai and Qing Lian looked puzzled at Qing Kui. Qing Kui looked indignant at Ling Xi and Feng Shu. Qing Nian had his eyes lowered and seemed to be in deep thoughts.

“Haha, following Soul Attractor here was truly not a bad decision!” Another person appeared at the top of Cloud Hall.

Ming Sheng was dressed in a black luxurious robe inlaid with gold. Although, he was small, but his imposing manner was out of the ordinary. The moment he appeared, he attracted everyone’s attention.

“Where is Qin Ling and Jing Yan?” After Ming Sheng landed, he looked around and grinned, “I heard that they want to take out my true element?”

At this moment, the silver mirror was in of Nan Zhi’s hand. He was still floating in the air and looked indifferently at Ming Sheng. Ling Xi was still in daze and seemed to not have seen the arrival of Ming Sheng.

Among the Cangjia’s disciples who were present, only Qing Kui had seen Ming Sheng before. However, in this situation and Ming Sheng appeared so sudden, he also blanked out. Only Feng Shu was still as calm as ever. He stepped forward a bit and said faintly, “If it weren’t for this, how would king of hell come out of the netherworld and pay a visit to Cangjia in person?”

Ming Sheng was shocked for a moment. His eyes narrowed slightly when looking at Feng Shu. He held back his mischievous smile and said with a serious tone, “It’s you.”

Feng Shu lowered his eyes and smiled lightly, “Since king of hell recognizes me, can you lend me a hand in capturing the devil king and remove the seal?”

Ming Sheng’s expression sank. He glared once at Feng Shu. Although, he was unwilling, he said, “You already asked, can I still not lend a hand?”

If he had known this, even if you beat him to death, he wouldn’t have come out of the netherworld and get involved into this mess!

The god realm had already been sealed for ten thousand years. To him, it was nothing more than a flash in his endless long life. It didn’t matter to him if it was sealed for another twenty or thirty thousand years. In fact, it was equivalent to those old men of the god realm having a long sleep.

Although, sealing the god realm would have a bit of an influence on the six realms, but what did that have to do with him? It wasn’t easy for that old father of his to happen to be sealed in the god realm and let him be so free for so many years….

Unexpectedly, unexpectedly…there was actually still a god that slipped through in these six realms!

Ming Sheng looked askance unreconciled at Feng Shu. He hid so well. No wonder he (MS) didn’t discover him. Now, he wanted his help. He had no other way than to help him. Otherwise, if one day his (MS) king father woke up and got to know about this matter, it would be strange if his king father didn’t kill him (MS)!

Ming Sheng was still pondering when Feng Shu already looked at Nan Zhi.

Nan Zhi frowned slightly and unexpectedly attacked Ling Xi, seemingly intending to catch her. Feng Shu stepped forward and protected her behind him. Then, he chanted an incantation. Ming Sheng saw this and took the opportunity to attack Nan Zhi.

The spells used by the netherworld and the god realm were not the same. Nan Zhi dodged out of habit but was unable to escape it and received a blow from Ming Sheng.

Feng Shu put away his spell and took the advantage that Nan Zhi was in a weak spot now and attacked him with Ming Sheng. Nan Zhi’s body flashed and disappeared from Cloud Hall. Feng Shu and Ming Sheng exchanged a glance and chased after him.

After the chaos, the main peak of Cangjia was at a loss.

At loss about why eldest senior brother had a relation with the king of hell. At loss about what the true identity of eldest senior brother was. At loss about who exactly was the woman in front of them who was using Ling Xi’s body.

Ling Xi’s eyes had dried up. The brilliance in her eyes gradually flashed. It was cold and sharp. She raised her sword and chuckled, “I indeed killed Cang Yu. His true element is inside of this purse of tail feathers. Why…don’t you come snatch it?”

All the disciples of Cangjia intook a cold breath, lifted their sword and attacked Ling Xi.

In the chaos, Qing Lian shouted, “Senior brother Qing Kui, what is going on?!”

Qing Kui shouted, “Jing Yan possessed Ling Xi’s body. Don’t hurt her body!”

Although, Qing Kui commanded that, but there were so many disciples at Cloud Hall and so many swords. It was impossible for all to avoid Ling Xi’s body. Ling Xi’s soul had already been squeezed inside the body just now and she was hit a few times. At this time, she was supporting herself with only her vicious currents. Only a short moment later, there were no less than ten wounds on her body. The circle surrounding her also became smaller and smaller. The swords pointing at her and the spells attacking her became more and more.


Ling Xi thought about the night where Cangjia Mountain was covered with corpses. She cried and said to the voice inside the silver mirror “want”. She wanted her fellow sect-mates to be resurrected and wanted Cang Mountain to still be full of vitality and get rid of devils and the defend the traditional values.

However, now their swords pointed at her.

She gave a way to survive to others; others cut off her way to survive.

She thought that the world’s greatest sorrow was nothing more than this.

Suddenly, a sharp tip of the sword passed her cheek, but didn’t hurt her body. Instead, the Cangjia’s disciples who surrounded her took three steps back after crying out in unison and all fell on the ground with some serious injuries.

Ling Xi looked sideways. Qing Nian stood next to her while holding a sword.

“I once swore to the moon that no matter what happens, I will be by your side.” Qing Nian looked calm and said calmly.

Ling Xi was stunned and then smiled, “That is your oath to Ling Xi.”

“If you aren’t Ling Xi, how do you know that I made an oath?” Qing Nian asked instead.

“Qing Nian, you’re crazy! Come here!” Cang Hai shouted angrily.

“Qing Nian, that is not Ling Xi!” Qing Kui also said anxiously.

The battle was stopped. No one wanted to start a fight with Qing Nian who was in the same sect as them.

Qing Nian took a step forward and hid Ling Xi behind him. He raised his sword and said, “I have once promised to protect her. Kill me first or let her go!”

Cang Hai stared at Qing Nian. His expression was gloomy, “Qing Nian, don’t fall into the devilish ways once again.”

Six years ago, Qing Nian’s wisdom was disturbed by devilish beings because of Xue Ran and became an enemy of Cangjia. The moment Cang Hai said this, everyone stared at him worriedly and defensively.

“She is Ling Xi and not someone else!” Qing Nian said through gritted teeth.

Everyone revealed doubts. Qing Kui said angrily, “She confessed herself that she killed master! Jing Yan took away the mortal realm’s emperor’s heart, took Qing Feng’s internal core and took away master’s true element! You say that she is Ling Xi? Have you seen her dressed in white and her cold-hearted and ruthless expression? Qing Nian, open your eyes. She is Jing Yan who had possessed Ling Xi’s body!”

Between the words, Cang Hai’s face revealed ruthlessness and he already attacked Qing Nian.

Ling Xi suddenly pushed Qing Nian and laughed aloud, “Haha…that is right. I’m Jing Yan! I killed the mortal realm’s emperor, killed demon king Qing Feng and supremo Cang Yu! I have also bewitched Qing Nian now! Come all at me!”

Ling Xi spread her arms and jumped in the air as if she was a nightjar who spreads its wings and soared in the sky.

When Qing Kui saw this, he gathered his spiritual energy and attacked.

Qing Nian was entangled by Cang Hai and had no time to go save her. He could only cry out in pain, “Qing Kui, she is really Ling Xi!!!”

Qing Kui’s palm hit Ling Xi’s forehead. The blood spewed out was like a bloody flower blooming enchantingly and recklessly in the sky.

At the same time, a person appeared in the night again and shouted, “Qing Kui! Jing Yan is Ling Xi!”

Ling Xi fell on the ground again. The body hit the ground with a muffled noise. Some blood stained her pale face. Her eyes looked straight at the sky. Her were eyes empty and deathly still.

The hand that Qing Kui used for the attack hasn’t been retrieved yet and froze in the air. His gaze froze on Cang Qu who hurriedly rushed to here.

As soon as Cang Qu landed, he hurried to Ling Xi and checked her pulse.

“Jing Yan is Ling Xi. Jing Yan is Ling Xi!” Cang Qu seemed drunk. His eyes were bewildered and faintly red.

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