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Chapter 47 part 2

Qing Kui felt as if he was struck by lightning and trembled over his whole body. He grabbed Cang Qu’s collar and shouted, “Explain clearly! What Jing Yan?! What Ling Xi?!”

Sorrow came from Cang Qu’s heart and he said with red eyes, “I saw clearly that day. Cangjia Mountain was full of corpses. The silver mirror shone brightly. The places where it covered, the corpses came back to life. The soul returned to the body. Everyone was resurrected. The silver mirror also turned into a human form!”

That night, he secretly went down the mountain to drink and escaped Cangjia Mountain’s tribulation. When he returned, the people were gone and the mountain died. He saw the silver mirror bring Cangjia back to life and transformed into the appearance of high-tiered deity Donghua. There was also a ray of soul lingering around.

“Big brother, can you change your appearance. I don’t like this one.”

Silver mirror shook his body and changed his appearance.

“Big brother, in the past people asked for my name. I didn’t know. I don’t like “Ling Xi”.”

“You are Jing Yan. I’m Qin Ling.”

“Then, big brother, can Jing Yan find another body? I don’t like the original one.”

“Of course, you can. It’s up to you.”

One mirror and one soul left. He didn’t follow. Later, they received Jing Yan’s war challenge…

Cang Qu explained. Qing Kui’s eyes were widened and he obviously was in disbelief. However, the anger in his voice has already receded a lot. He questioned, “Last time you only said that Qin Ling is the silver mirror. You never said that Jing Yan is Ling Xi!”

Cang Qu closed his eyes remorseful and turned, “It’s…senior brother…who didn’t let me tell you.”

The color on Qing Kui’s face gradually faded away.

He naturally remembered that last time when he asked Cang Qu who was drunk and unconscious. Cang Qu only uttered the word “Jing Yan” and refused to say more. He only said that senior brother didn’t allow him to talk about it.

“Since master knows that Jing Yan is Ling Xi…” Qing Kui muttered dazedly.

“He knows that Ling Xi would come take his true element. He once mentioned to me that if the seal of the god realm could be lifted, he wouldn’t hesitate to hand over his true element.”

Qing Kui’s mind was in a state of confusion. He couldn’t think about the seal of the god realm and he didn’t want to guess whether it was Jing Yan who killed master or if it was master who presented her his true element himself. He only knows…he used all his power and gave Ling Xi a blow.

“Ling…Xi…” Qing Kui knelt next to Ling Xi at lost. His shaking arms carried her, “Ling Xi…Ling Xi…I was wrong…”

Qing Kui’s voice was hoarse. He shivered and could barely speak a complete sentence. He continuously gave her immortal energy.

“Senior…senior brother…Qing Kui….” Ling Xi’s eyes recovered some brightness. There was tears at the bottom of her eyes, “You all…want to drive me…out of this body.”

“Ling Xi, I was wrong. I was wrong…” Qing Kui’s tears slid down his cheeks and landed on Ling Xi’s face. It washed away the blood from her face, “I’m useless. I couldn’t even recognize you!”

“I…don’t blame you.” Ling Xi raised her eyes slightly. She looked at the half brightly lit sky not far away. “Truly…I don’t blame you. Senior brother Qing Kui, can…can you take me to see big brother? Big brother…I still want to see him once more.”

Not far on the top of Cangjia Mountain, the light of the silver mirror dispersed the darkness. It was like a rising star, lightening up half of the sky.

“I will take you.” Qing Kui lifted Ling Xi up and flew to the top of Cangjia Mountain.

The other people looked at the two of them leave. They stood on the same place frozen and at loss.

The top of Cangjia Mountain was brightly lit like during the day because of the light from the silver mirror.

The moon was rising in the sky and was round like a silver plate. The gloomy wind was blowing, whispering and crying in the ear.

The silver mirror became the height of half a human and spun slowly in the air. Despite emoting a silvery white light, the body was shrouded by a thin layer of black mist. He was obviously under the control of the man in black beside him.

Both Ming Sheng and Feng Shu were slightly tired. The two took turns to attack Nan Zhi. It was either dodged by him or resolved by him using the energy of the silver mirror.

“Bah!” Ming Sheng was already impatient. He hasn’t met such an opponent for tens of thousands of years. “What a freak had your god realm made?! Forget it if he has shocking spiritual energy. He actually can control the energy of the silver mirror!”

The silver mirror was an ancient godly artifact. The spiritual energy it has was unmatched by anyone in the six realms. However, the silver mirror can’t practice spells by itself. Therefore, it was powerful in vain and was incapable of using that energy. Those who could borrow the energy of the silver mirror were definitely not ordinary gods.

It was even more frightening that this unordinary god became a devil! No wonder he was able to seal the god realm and let it disappear without a trace that year!

Feng Shu’s lips were in a thin line and he remained silent and continued to attack.

Qing Kui carried Ling Xi to the top of Cangjia Mountain. The three people were fighting fiercely. Qing Kui found a safer place and made a barrier. He carefully pushed Ling Xi and said, “Ling Xi, we’re here! Ling Xi, open your eyes!”

Ling Xi tried very hard to open her eyes. She looked sideways in the direction of the light source. Seeing the constant rotating silver mirror, her eyes became wet, “Big brother…”

Qin Ling had once said to her that she could no longer be tormented…

If she suffered another trauma, she knew that she truly wouldn’t be able to live on anymore.

She didn’t know whether this could be considered torment.

It was just that she didn’t seem to be able to feel the pain on her body anymore. Her soul was also getting lighter and was about to be pushed out by the other souls in the body. She saw that Nan Zhi glanced once at her. A dark glint flashed in his eyes. Then, he threw the silver mirror in her direction.

The broken souls in her body became stronger. A force seemed to be gathering them together. Once, they merge, Ling Xi’s weakened soul wouldn’t be able to fight them any longer.

Qing Kui saw that the glimmer gradually fade in her eyes. His pale lips trembled, but he couldn’t utter a word. He knew that Nan Zhi was using the silver mirror to cast a spell against her, but he was helpless. His barrier had no effect on the silver mirror.

He hugged Ling Xi tightly and buried her face in his arms.

Just like that night on the fifteenth of July when he held Ling Xi’s corpse and refused to let go.

“Ling Xi…” He murmured, “You can’t die.”

Ling Xi could hear him, but was unable to respond. In her head appeared those years when she was still dim-witted. The scenes of her playing with the qingrong leaves on Tianmai peak and deliberately played tricks on Qing Kui appeared before her. The corners of her mouth raised slightly.

In her short life, there were still a lot of warmth worth remembering. How great.

“Ling Xi, you won’t die.” Qing Kui’s low, hoarse and firm.

Ling Xi’s consciousness that had gradually drifted away came back. Her body was warm. The resistance from another soul seemed to also not be so painful anymore.

“Ling Xi, Qing Feng used to ask me for ‘love’ in the past. Although, I cherished her, but I didn’t know what ‘love’ was and how I should give it to her.” Qing Kui’s voice became more and more clearer, but it also became lower and lower, “Perhaps, it was that year when I went to bring you back from Xuwang cliff and saw you for the first time. Perhaps, it was the countless glimpses when we practiced swords together of so many years. Suddenly, I seemed to understand a little…”

Ling Xi felt that her soul was no longer light and was gradually filled with energy. Warmth flowed from the palm of the person beside her to her whole body.

“Ling Xi, I don’t know how your soul could recover after becoming broken shards inside the silver mirror and was able to return. But, you can’t die because of me…” Qing Kui’s voice was getting farther and farther away. Ling Xi wanted to grab him, but it was empty around her.

“I can’t watch you die in front of me once again. Ling Xi, I can’t bear that kind of pain once again.”

Qing Kui’s voice was clearly still in her ears, but she couldn’t feel him or see him…

Once her soul returned to this body, would she weaken again without the protection of big brother’s spiritual energy? No, she clearly felt a force growing in her body.

“Senior brother Qing Kui…senior brother Qing Kui…” Ling Xi called anxiously in her heart. She struggled and started using that force. Suddenly, she opened her eyes.

The light of the silver mirror seemed to drove away the darkness of the world. A weird blue color presented itself in the sky. With the rotation of the silver mirror, that blue was sometimes light, sometimes dark, making the whole world change irregularly under the light and darkening. Under the silver light, that green garment couldn’t be ignored no matter what.

He charged into the light source as quickly as lightening. The wind blew his hair bun and made it loosen and made his lapel become disordered. Xiangyin sword seemed to be wailing. Juisheng was crying loudly.

Qing Kui burned up almost all his life and bumped into the silver mirror.

Ling Xi whole body felt like it burst apart. She couldn’t cry; she wouldn’t be able to see Qing Kui’s last appearance. She couldn’t shout; his voice was still lingering in her ears and hasn’t dispersed.

“Ling Xi, forgive senior brother’s selfishness. I can’t watch you die once more…The silver mirror brought you back to life. So, as long as there is him, you will live again, right?”

“Ling Xi, I give you energy of a thousand years of cultivation. You must take back the silver mirror and live well!”

“Ling Xi, you are the ugliest girl I have ever seen in my life…”

“But, Ah Chou, I…like…”


Qing Kui’s body passed through the silver light and hit the silver mirror that kept rotating. Blood splashed like ocean spray. That moment seemed to hit Ling Xi’s brain, hitting her so hard that everything in front of her became blank. After the sharp piercing sound of the tinnitus, Qing Kui’s voice was gone, the fighting sounds around her was gone, the light of the silver mirror was gone, the pain ion her body was gone.

The whole world was washed away by Qing Kui’s blood.

He was hit to the ground and badly mangled.

He gave her a thousand years of cultivation and with his essence of life, he stopped the silver mirror from casting the spell.

He let her live on, but he died.

But, who will know that she feels like being alive is a living hell?

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