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Chapter 47 part 3

Feng Shu stood still in the air. He no longer reached out that hand that was warm like jade at her. Ming Sheng stared at her with an expression that had profound melancholy. He no longer had the mischievous expression of an ordinary child. Nan Zhi’s hand held the silver mirror that recovered its original shape. His eyes looking at her where enveloped in mystery.

Why do they look at her?

Senior brother Qing Kui clearly said that she was very ugly.

Senior brother Qing Kui also said, “Ah Chou, I like…”

What did he like?

She would help him get whatever he likes as long as he was alive.

Oh, senior brother Qing Kui seemed to have also said that she must take back the silver mirror. Silver mirror.

Ling Xi’s eyes were empty. She staggered step by step forward as if she would fall at any time, but she didn’t. She stubbornly and slowly walked to the man in black. A strange smile appeared on her pale face. “Can you give him back to me?”

She pointed at the silver mirror in Nan Zhi’s hand.

Nan Zhi’s frowned slightly. He raised his hand, seemingly wanted to wipe the blood from her face. However, in the end, he restrained himself. His hand clenched into a fist, lowered and rested at his side

“Who…are you?” Nan Zhi asked. His voice was inexplicably hoarse and shook.

“I’m Jing Yan, your highness the devil king.” Ling Xi tilted her head and smiled innocently. So innocent that there was no tint in the pupil of her eyes, “Can you give Qin Ling back to Jing Yan?”

“Who…who are you?” Nan Zhi asked through gritted teeth.

“What answer do you want to hear?” Ling Xi smiled so brightly that her cheeks became red. Her eyes were obviously empty and dull, but there was an inexplicable charm on her face. She hooked Nan Zhi’s neck and pulled him closer to her. The gently breath sprayed on his face, “Alright, I’m Chen Xi. Give Qin Ling back to Chen Xi, Nan Zhi.”

Her breath was like orchid. She suddenly kissed Nan Zhi. Her breath, his breath, all went into her mouth. Her tongue licked his cold lips, went into his mouth, seduced and sucked. She captured the coldness, gently sucked it and let the heat replace it. Her teeth didn’t care about softness or hardness, it bit and swallowed desperately. The bumping sounds of teeth and lips were clearly audible. The blood was mixed with the smell of despair and spread among them.

Nan Zhi’s stiff body gradually relaxed. His heartbeat gradually increased. The familiar lips, tongue and kiss was like a fire that ignited his whole body.

Slowly, he began to respond. The coldness that he had not easily built up when facing this face was melted by such a blaze. He couldn’t refuse and couldn’t bear to push her away. Such crazy and full of despair intertwining of the lips and teeth seemed to have awakened all the emotions he buried at the bottom of his heart. He didn’t want to stay sane anymore and didn’t want to think about who the person in front of him was. He only knew that he was hugging her and that she was very alive. And, he kissed her, she responded to him as if she had never left…

Never left, it was fine as long as she was by his side.

He fiercely pulled the woman in front of him into his arms. He kissed her back affectionately as if only the two of them were left in the word. It didn’t matter if it was blood or tears, as long as they were hers, he wanted them.

A chuckle emerged from the throat of the woman. She abruptly pushed him away and wiped the bright red blood from her mouth. A sneer appeared on her face, “Sure enough, it was still Chen Xi that is effective.”

He didn’t know when the silver mirror has left his hand and was already in the hands of Feng Shu. Ling Xi suddenly pulled the Soul-Suppressing pearl hanging on her neck and smiled, “If I throw it, would the soul of Chen Xi get out of this body?”

Nan Zhi’s fiery breath faded away quickly. He stared at the face that had a strange smile. Coldness appeared inch by inch on his face.

“After I throw it away, just take it as if I am Chen Xi and stay by your side my whole life, alright?” Ling Xi’s smile became more reckless and abnormal. That smile was a stark contrast to her pale and clean face.

When she spoke, she used energy, but her hand was stopped by Nan Zhi.

He clasped her wrist. Blades seemed to have emerged in his eyes. Blades made of ice. Wherever he looked, coldness would be cut there. At this moment, he stared at Ling Xi’s face and looked into the bottom of her eyes. Word by word, he said, “Get, out.”

An overbearing energy poured into Ling Xi’s body and wanted to drive out her two immortal parts and three mortal parts out of this body. She couldn’t resist it. Even with Qing Kui’s thousand years of cultivation, she was unable to withstand a single blow from Nan Zhi. However, she didn’t want to get out. She gritted her teeth and burned her last energy, not wanting to leave easily. She stubbornly grasped all the trammels in her body and stubbornly stared at Nan Zhi’s cold face.

Nan Zhi’s strength got stronger and stronger. The souls in the body had just been healed by the silver mirror and surged up violently, wanting to drive her out. She could feel the cross wound between her eyebrows split open again and oozing red blood beads.

“Nan Zhi, have you ever…loved me even if it was a tiny bit?” Ling Xi’s scarlet eyes seemed to be shedding tears of blood. While she stabilized her soul, she seemed to squeeze this sentence from her throat using all her energy.

Nan Zhi’s cold eyes shattered into pieces in this instant. Various kinds of emotions appeared, fluctuated and emerged; surprise, hesitation, joy, ache and even fear…

Before the emotions in his eyes finished fluctuating, his hand acted before his brain and let go of Ling Xi. It was at this moment that Ling Xi suddenly laughed out loudly and retreated as she floated in the sky, “Haha…because of this face…is it because of this face? It is because of this face! Nan Zhi, because of this face, you drove me out again and again!”

Nan Zhi’s expression changed greatly. A big wave of shock, horror and amazement emerged in his eyes. He flipped his body over and chased after Ling Xi.

“Haha…” Ling Xi faced Nan Zhi, but kept retreating. The speed was very fast. The laughter was sorrowful and delighted. She said, “Since you love this face so much, I will destroy it for you!”

Ling Xi’s eyes were bloodshot. The pale face was like scattered white petals and seized everyone’s attention in this dreary and fuzzy night.

Her hand touched her face. Whatever the five fingers grasped, she pulled it down decisively. Her pale face was instantaneously badly mangled and the bones could be seen. She took the ripped skin of her face and discarded it casually. The face healed again and returned to its original pale appearance. She touched her cheeks again, tearing them down. It was a bloody scene again.

She faced Nan Zhi and retreated with the wind. Nan Zhi chased after her frantically. The pain in his eyes covered the pale face.

Ling Xi, Ling Xi…

He chased after her and thought that he was about to catch up, but she retreated with even a faster speed.

She laughed and tore her face again and again while facing him. That face healed and returned to its original appearance repeatedly. Once healed, she would tear again.

“Ling Xi…Ling Xi…”

Perhaps, even after exhausting this life, he had never shouted so panicked and frightened. Perhaps, in this eternity, he would never feel this deep-rooted pain and despair again.

Her tears were mixed with the blood on her face. The bloody tears falling in the sky outlined a different color in the silver light. Her laughter resounded in the blue dome of heaven and spread widely through the six realms. She questioned accompanied with a delightful laughter she had never had before, “Haha…does it hurt? Nan Zhi, do you hurt? Seeing the face of the woman you love being tore in front of you, you hurt very much, right?”

One after another “Ling Xi” followed her, but she seemed to not have heard it. She laughed frantically until when Nan Zhi could no longer scream. A mouthful of blood came from his throat and merged with blood falling from Ling Xi’s face, staining the entire blue sky red.

“I won’t give it to you! Even if I have to ruin this body, I won’t give it to you!” Ling Xi seemed to want to use up all the energy from her body. She went with the wind. Her body spun around. Countless of small blades were all around her. The blades seemed like blooming lowers around her and cut her mercilessly.

Bloody rain seemed to have fallen from the sky. Wherever Ling Xi went, the blood dripped and nourished the spirit stone on the top of Cangjia Mountain.

The silver blades were stained red by blood in a short time. Flowers of blood seemed to bloom in the sky. It was splendid and enchanting. The laughter didn’t stop; the rain also didn’t stop.

The black silhouette was no longer confident and agile like usual. Mixed with fear and despair, he invaded like a hurricane and wrapped that person among the blood of flowers. They fell like leaves.

“Ling Xi, Ling Xi.” He hugged her. His whole body was trembling and his lips were shaking, but he couldn’t utter a sound.

There were no wounds on her body. The wounds were like her face. They healed after being cut. However, he still didn’t touch her too hard. He used a barrier to protect her. He looked at her pale face and tears burst out.

She cried and struggled in his arms, “I’m not Chen Xi…I’m not Chen Xi…I’m not Chen Xi!”

He kissed her tears away, but his tears fell on her face. He wiped the blood from her face, but the blood on his body stained her face again. He hoarsely called her “Ling Xi” again and again, but she still cried, cryingly saying that she isn’t “Chen Xi”.

When Ming Sheng saw this scene of the two people, his face paled from being scared. He stood at a side blankly. Feng Shu held the silver mirror and sighed, “Nan Zhi, either you lift the seal of the god realm yourself or hand over your true element.”

Nan Zhi turned a deaf ear to that. He hugged the woman in his arms as if his fear still hasn’t dissipated yet. His body still trembled slightly.

Feng Shu grasped a flower and attacked. Nan Zhi didn’t dodge. He let himself being attacked and let Feng Shu increase the power of the spell.

It doesn’t matter anymore. It all doesn’t matter anymore.

True element, cultivation, memory…deity? God? Devil? Nothing matters anymore.

The person in his arms gradually stopped breathing as if she would take her last breath and die the next moment.

Once more, she was going to die at his hands once more. He wouldn’t see her smile anymore in the future and wouldn’t be able to hear her voice again. No one would call him “turtle” and no one will sleep soundly in his arms.

If so, what does it have to do with him if this world was black or white?

What does it matter whether he was alive or dead?

His pressed her head firmly onto his chest and whispered, “If you want to die, let’s…die together.”

His fingers crossed Ling Xi’s forehead. He took out Soul Attractor and moved his lips slightly.

The broken souls inside of Ling Xi’s body had been stitched together by the silver mirror. Like a cloud, it drifted out from her forehead. At one side of the Soul Attractor, a ray of soul laughed and was about to say something when it entangled and merged with another soul.

Feng Shu casted a spell on him, wanting to take his true element. Nan Zhi casted a spell on Chen Xi, trying to assemble her soul.

The night of Cangjia Mountain passed eventually. The morning light slightly exposed at the east horizon.

Nan Zhi closed his eyes and casted a spell. Therefore, he didn’t see the purse of tail feathers on Ling Xi. Suddenly, there was a bright shine. Three true elements floated out. Another ray of soul floated out from her forehead. That ray of soul quickly merged with the three true elements, became one and congealed into a multicolored ball of light.

The person in his arms suddenly didn’t breathe anymore. Nan Zhi abruptly opened his eyes and saw the light of the ball was piercing and charged into the sky with a sound of thunder.


Silvery white light was like the morning sun during daybreak and illuminated the whole world. Something in the sky shattered into pieces. After the loud noise, there was a fine crackling sound. Shattering along was that ball of light that was full of power just now. It turned into little meteors and fell silently.

The sun break ground at the east just in time. The sunlight shone over all things. Ten thousand gods had awakened.

On the top of Cangjia mountain, two figures, one big and one small stood in astonishment. A man fell and sat on the ground. The woman he held in his arms didn’t have any sign of breathing. The two rays of souls around him had merged and fell into the woman’s forehead.

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