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Special Chapter 2 The face of the silver mirror

I woke up from the deep sleep. Jing Yan had already gone to and come back from the mortal realm.

I looked at her bright and neat outward appearance and her extremely broken mirror body on the inside. I scolded, “You, don’t you have a brain or don’t you have cleverness? What is the most important thing of being a godly artifact? Did the emperor of heaven let you block calamities and let you give up parts of your soul for him?”

As an ancient godly artifact, I and Jing Yan had been alive since the beginning of the world.

The gods said that we, the godly artifacts, have a long life like heaven and earth and that no one could hurt us.

I knocked the head of Jing Yan fiercely, “Do you think that you are really a god? You don’t know how to cherish yourself like this. The heaven and earth would abandon you one day.”

The so-called godly artifact was born from the spiritual energy of the heaven and earth. My and Jing Yan’s spiritual energy could turn the heaven and earth upside down.

However, the lord of all things was still gods. We, the two sides of mirrors couldn’t call the rain and summon the rain.

  • Call the rain and summon the rain: stir up troubles

Godly artifacts were born to abide by two principles. One, one must not practice spells. Second, one must not violate the order of the master. If not, one would certainly suffer the wrath of heaven.

Jing Yan told me with great excitement that during my long sleep, she was sent to the mortal realm to accompany a man until he successfully ascended.

I felt anything but reassuring. Firstly, the owners of the silver mirror had always been of imperial blood of gods. I and Jing Yan were passed on by the old emperor of heaven when the emperor of heaven took over the throne and recognized the current emperor and empress of heaven as owners. The person that she was sent to protect must not be ordinary. Secondly, love hid in Jing Yan’s eyes and her eyes shone brightly. When she talked about that man, she was in high spirits. She looked like a young girl who yearned for love.

Although, Jing Yan and I were of the same age and we couldn’t remember for how many ten thousand years or hundred thousand of years we had lived, she felt that the days were bored. She spent most of her time in deep sleeps. And I, I usually followed every successive emperor no less than hundred times through fire and water. It was only after I recognized the empress of heaven as my owner that I could sleep for a few thousand years.

Sure enough, what I speculated wasn’t groundless.

From time to time, Jing Yan would barge into my mirror, lay at my side, rested one chin in one hand and said, “I really envy Chen Xi to be able to always be by his side. Why doesn’t the emperor of heaven let me turn into a human? Why doesn’t he even allow me to speak one word?”

I tried to kick her out. She dodged the kick.

“Why can’t we cultivate and become a god? Why can we only be a mirror?” Jing Yan pouted and complained.

I was greatly alarmed and had underestimated Jing Yan’s heart that had been stirred by love.

A godly artifact is a godly artifact. The heavenly law doesn’t allow us to practice spells, be an immortal and become a god.

As for the man who had stirred Jing Yan’s heart with love, he was also as I anticipated. His origin was out of the ordinary. He was actually a child that the emperor of heaven had fathered with a mortal woman when he went to the mortal realm for fun.

I also didn’t know how the empress of heaven found out. She only stated that his bloodline was impure. In less than a hundred years after becoming an immortal, he was able to mingle into the god realm. It was needed to remove him from the record of gods and let him descend to the mortal realm to cultivate once again. The emperor of heaven refused to do so. He pointed angrily at the empress of heaven and said that she knew about this matter long ago. On the day of Nan Zhi’s ascension to heaven, she had let three lightening blows pass through.

Originally, gods also have household affairs and it was not appropriate to inform the public. But this matter involved the selection of the crown prince. So, there would be a fight.

The empress of heaven has a son who was learning through experience in the lower realms. It was necessarily to travel through the five realms, mortal, immortal, demon, devil and the netherworld for it to be completed. Presumably, he wouldn’t be able to return in no less than ten thousand years.

The empress of heaven was afraid that the dove would take over the magpie’s nest during this time. The emperor of heaven refused to give in. So, she went to look for Nan Zhi’s wrongdoings.

Unexpectedly, she carefully investigated and truly found out about a crime.

A demoness followed Nan Zhi around all year long.

How could she let this opportunity slip away? She ordered people to capture Nan Zhi and that demoness and throw them in the heavenly prison. Then, she summoned all the gods to judge Nan Zhi.

At that time, I appreciated this farce full of joy. After all, this endless long life was very boring. Unexpectedly, when I was waiting to watch the play, there was not much left of Jing Yan’s spiritual energy.

She didn’t tell the emperor and empress of heaven and secretly went to the heavenly prison. She gave all her lifelong spiritual energy to Nan Zhi. When she came back, she just grinned at me, “Like that, no one can hurt Nan Zhi.”

I was unable to restrain my anger and scolded, “Do you know how high the heaven is, how deep the earth is and how cruel the wrath of heaven is?”

She tilted her head, pondered for a while and grinned, “It’s fine as long as Nan Zhi is fine.”

Nan Zhi was indeed fine. He broke out of the heavenly prison and fought with the gods. He was already a demigod and with Jing Yan’s lifelong spiritual energy, it was really wanting the wind, get the wind, wanting the rain, get the rain. For a time, no one in the god realm was his opponent.

  • Want the wind, get the wind, want the rain get the rain: having everything going one’s way

Others didn’t know that Nan Zhi got Jing Yan’s spiritual energy. They only thought that he was a freak of the realms, an evil being. Nan Zhi was so furious that he casted a spell and sealed the god realm.

The emperor and empress of heaven were shocked. The emperor of heaven couldn’t bear to be ruthless. The empress of heaven borrowed me and casted a spell. She barely restrained Nan Zhi. However, she had her own selfishness. She wasn’t content with only restraining him. She took the opportunity to give him a fatal blow. Unexpectedly, it was received by the demoness next to him.

The demoness’s soul almost scattered and dispersed. Her soul scattered everywhere and her body fell into the mortal coil.

I was still in the hand of the empress of heaven when I heard Jing Yan’s scream and she followed that body into the mortal coil. I wanted to follow, but I knew that the empress of heaven was my owner. I had to listen to her orders and keep her safe.

The moment that demoness had died, Nan Zhi dressed in black engulfed the whole god realm.

I have lived for tens of thousands of years. For the first time I saw the devil clan rushing up without any resistance, took him as their lord and recklessly caused evil.

The god realm was finally sealed. In the last moment, the empress of heaven threw me out of the god realm and let me go find the eldest highness who was still learning through experience, take him as my owner and break the seal of the god realm.

And Nan Zhi, sealing the god realm had already been very exhausting. He casted a spell wanting to call back the soul of that demoness. He used his best efforts, but was only able to call back an immortal part. After pressing her at the Eastern Sea, he fell into an eternal sleep at the junction between the immortal and devil realm.

I thought that the god realm wouldn’t be sealed for long. After all, there was still me and there was still eldest highness Feng Luan.

However, I never imagined that eldest highness who was learning through experience didn’t reveal any trace of being a god. I searched for many years and didn’t find any trace of him. I had no choice but to wait for his godly consciousness to awaken and come look for me.

Searching for Feng Luan was unsuccessful. In comparison, looking for Jing Yan was easier. It was just that when I found her, her mirror body had merged with that demoness, became one body and turned into a baby. She didn’t have demonic aura nor immortal aura. Her life essence sealed itself and went into a deep sleep.

This deep sleep lasted for ten thousand years.

I remembered that when Jing Yan returned, she clearly still had three immortal parts and four mortal parts. However, when she woke up again, only two immortal parts and three mortal parts were left. After a long time did I got to know that when the god realm was in chaos, the emperor of heaven got the intent to kill Nan Zhi. She blocked the blow for him.

Jing Yan with only two immortal parts and three mortal parts and with a body that was no longer a godly artifact, her brain didn’t function well.

I protected her with my spiritual energy and watched her grow up. I traveled all over the world with her. I found some towns disturbed by demons and did some good deeds to accumulate merits. I thought that if the merits were enough, maybe Jing Yan could avoid the wrath of heaven.

When she was ten-year-old, I found traces of Feng Luan in a neighboring village at the Eastern Sea.

It turned out that his learning through experience was now the devil realm. He became the great disciple of Cangjia Mountain and hid his devilish heart.

  • The reason why his snow lotuses were black. He was a devil at that time.

I saw that his godly consciousness hasn’t awakened yet, I had to leave Jing Yan and awaken his godly consciousness. The physical body that I used in the mortal realm was just something I picked up because I thought the appearance was not bad. I didn’t expect that it would let Jing Yan suffer a bit in the future.

Feng Luan was named Feng Shu in the mortal realm. After I awakened his godly consciousness, he expelled the devilish aura inside his body and said that he would break the seal of the god realm.

At that time, I didn’t know what had to be done to break the seal. Feng Shu only said that the one who sealed it should be the one to break it.

I naturally thought that Nan Zhi should break it.

He said that it was Jing Yan.

I said that Jing Yan was already a mortal with a physical body and only had two immortal parts and three mortal parts left. Her spiritual energy was not enough to break the seal.

He said that when someone is in a desperate situation, they could always burst forth unconceivable power.

He said that it was the punishment that Jing Yan deserved and it was also the wrath of heaven that she should bear.

He watched how Jing Yan suffered in order to resurrect him. He exposed his identity in front of Cang Yu and made him deceive Nan Zhi. He used me to regenerate Jing Yan’s soul and resurrect Cangjia. He awakened her essence of life and ordered her to go get the true elements of the leaders of the five realms.

Occasionally, he would ask me if he shouldn’t have done that.

I didn’t know what to say.

From his standpoint, it wasn’t wrong. From my standpoint, I felt heartache for Jing Yan.

Later he told me that if Jing Yan truly took Nan Zhi’s true element to break the seal, he would let her stay with him (FS) forever.

I was in his hands when I watched Jing Yan charge in the sky with the three true elements. At that moment, the stars decayed and the six realms was in a deathly stillness.

I and Jing Yan had the same long life as the heaven and earth and like gods, we were unable to be born or extinguished. I thought that I could always find her, even if it was a tiny bit of a broken soul, I could always summon her back.

But no, up in the heaven, down in the earth and in the yellow springs; Feng Shu took me to search for her through the six realms, not a trace of her was found.

It turned out that when the heart dies, the spirit would be gone.

Even if she was born on the same day as the heaven and earth, there was a day that she ceased to exist before the heaven and earth.

Nan Zhi had come to look for me. I recklessly jeered at him, “Why did she die and resurrect? Why did she change her name to Jing Yan? Why did she have a silver mirror as big brother?”

“Do you remember ten thousand years ago, the mirror that had been with you ever since the moment you were born? Do you know that for you, she had endured the attacks of demons, took on the tribulation of heaven and blocked a blow from the emperor of heaven? Do you know why she looks exactly the same as Chen Xi? Also, do you know why you have a spiritual energy that nobody can compete with?”

I unhurriedly told him word by word. Every expression of Jing Yan, every word she spoke and everything she had done for him. I told him in great detail until all his fine black hairs turned white before I was satisfied.

“I will find her and bring her back.” He said before he left.

I looked at his back and laughed evilly, “If you are willing to take that body back, perhaps there is still a way. After all, Chen Xi doesn’t recognize you anymore and married another, didn’t she?”

His back was cold. He never looked back.

Occasionally, Feng Shu would ask me if he did wrong.

I asked him bluntly, “You regretted it?”

He didn’t answer, but I knew.

In this world, how difficult was it to find a woman like Jing Yan who treated him wholeheartedly without any scheming?

I fell in a deep sleep in this colorless long life that I’m fed up with. Ten thousand years and another ten thousand years. I always had the hope that one day when I open my eyes again, I can see that ugly little smiling face look at me, pull my sleeve and softly call me, “Big brother.”

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