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Special Chapter 3 The joy of the wedding

Recently, White (Bai) Island was full of joy and very lively.

The joy stems from the patriarch and his wife got a girl. The liveliness stems from that today was that daughter’s wedding.

Speaking of this daughter, there were some quite interesting things to tell.

It was said that the patriarch and his wife was very much in love and promised to be one pair of lovers for their whole life. They were the model of the island. However, they were past forty and still didn’t have any children which was really worrying.

The patriarch’s wife was worried day and night and urged the patriarch to marry again. However, the patriarch was unwilling. The wife prayed to god every day and asked for only a son or a daughter to keep them company.

That day, the couple just came back after praying to the goddess of fertility. After passing through a sea of snow, they heard a thunder. A girl fell from the sky and landed in the carriage of the two of them. She was pretty and her eyes were brightly. When she smiled, there were two sweet dimples that were very likeable. When she saw the patriarch, she said “daddy”. When she saw the wife, she said, “mother”. It evoked tears of being extremely moved from the two elders and they said, “Thanking the heaven for bestowing us a daughter.”

After that day, White Island got a young mistress named Bai Xi Chen.

Speaking about the marriage of this Bai Xi Chen, it seemed to be even more destined by the heaven.

That day the weather was originally very great. The patriarch, his wife and Bai Xi Chen were returning from paying sacrifice to their ancestors. Unexpectedly, a heavy rain fell on the way. A gusty wind lifted the top of the carriage. The heavy rain scattered a lot of servants. Bai Xi Chen got lost alone in the deep forest. She encountered a wild wolf and was lucky to be rescued by a young hero.

A hero saving the beauty and a beauty promised herself to the hero; that had always been a beautiful story.

The two settled their relationship and in less than three months, the man came to the house to ask for her hand. In order to marry a pretty wife, he willingly married into White Island.

Therefore, today, the people of the island flocked to Bai residence for the wedding feast.

Inside the bridal room, Bai Xi Chen who was dressed in a red wedding dress also had red cheeks. A smile hung on her lips. When she looked at herself in the mirror, her face reddened a layer more

A few days ago, when deciding the auspicious wedding date, father and mother had asked her for her eight characters of birth. However, she didn’t know. Therefore, they choose a day that was auspicious for all things. After tonight, she would have a father, a mother, a husband and a home. Every time she thought about this, she felt like she was drinking honey.

  • Eight characters of birth: year, month, day and hour of birth.

In fact, it wasn’t not just her eight characters of birth, she also didn’t know how old she was, where she came from and why she arrived at White Island. She didn’t even know why she called them father and mother when she saw them for the first time. She only felt that the two were very kind.  Her husband was also someone she liked.

She just thought till here when she heard the creak of the door. Her heart jumped. She quickly put down the veil and sat upright.

However, she didn’t hear footsteps. Only a faint touch of coolness lingered around her.

Her heartbeat was unable to stop. She felt that a pair of eyes stared at her. There were many things hidden in those eyes, making her at loss.

She had waited for a long time. Her husband didn’t spoke nor did he lift her veil. She only felt that that pleasant coolness suddenly left. Her heart inexplicably paused. She lifted the veil on her own, but saw that the room was empty and the door was closed as if no one has ever entered.

Since it was marrying into the maiden family, the number of courtesies wasn’t as strict as an ordinary marriage.

Bai Xi Chen lifted her veil curiously, opened door and looked around. Under the light of the red lanterns, a man in black stood under the ginkgo tree in the yard. His figure from behind looked like a pine tree.

She walked slowly to him and asked carefully, “Won’t gentleman go have a cup of wedding wine?”

The black clothes of the man fluttered in the night. When he turned, his fair face was very handsome.

When Bai Xi Chen saw that he stared at her without blinking, she was somewhat embarrassed, stroked her face and asked, “Could it be that there is dirt on this girl’s face?”

The man raised his hand. His five fingers were slender as jade and seemed to want to touch her cheek. However, his fingertips never touched her face and only outlined her face inch by inch as if he didn’t know where to land his hand and he seemed to not dare to get close. In the end, the five fingers clenched into a fist and slowly lowered.

Bai Xi Chen looked at the man’s eyes that was as dark as ink without any ripples. Somehow, she smelled an inexplicable sorrow and made her nose itchy.

“Is gentleman missing your loved one? And imagined how she would look like when putting on a wedding dress for you?” She smiled slightly.

The joyous firelight finally reflected in the man’s eyes, flashing slowly like the lights of a lake. But he kept his silence and only stared at her.

Bai Xi Chen had to say her goodbye, “This girl has to go back in the room to wait for my husband. Gentleman, hurry up and go to the front yard. If you go too late, there would be no more wedding wine.”

She turned and left, but she heard a soft call brought by the night wind.

“Ling Xi…”

She looked back and smiled sweetly, “It turned out that the person gentleman misses shared the “Xi” word with me. If gentleman truly misses her, quickly go find her.”

After she finished, she saw that her husband happened to be looking around at the door of the room. A smile spread across her face as she ran over and hugged him. When she looked up again, that man in black was still standing under the tree looking, causing her face to redden from shyness. She pulled her husband into the room.

Many years later, she no longer remembers the man who had appeared on her wedding night.

She had sons, daughters and grandchildren around her.

Since her, the daughters from the main branch of the patriarch of White Island were exceptionally gifted, making other people envious and imitated them to perfection.

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