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Special Chapter 4 The happiness a child

Ling Long happily threw the small sandbag in the sky and kicked flexibly. The left foot changed for the right foot; the right foot changed for the left foot. She was very skillful.

“Heehee…Look at me kicking the sandbag. Come over, you can’t, right?!” She was only five or six-year-old and looked sideways that the little boy beside her who was of the same age and said proudly.

The little boy didn’t even look up and continued to tease his crickets.

Ling Long pouted. She grabbed the falling sandbag and threw it at him. She shouted, “You said that if I catch crickets with you, you will kick the sandbag with me.”

The sandbag happened to land in the wooden tube containing the crickets. The little boy screamed, “Ah, my crickets!”

While he spoke, he threw away the sandbag and picked up the wooden tube as if it was a treasure. He glared angrily at Ling Long, “Didn’t I already see you kick it in the morning? I don’t play the things that girls play with!”

“How can that be considered watching? And it was not kicking with me!” Ling Long was angry.

The little boy laughed and said, “You caught crickets with me, but you didn’t really catch one!”

Ling Long’s face flushed with rage, “We agreed that whoever refused to acknowledge our promise is a turtle and bastard!”

When the little boy saw that his crickets were still alive in the wooden tube, he let out a sigh of relief and made a funny face at Ling Long, “I just won’t play with you! I just won’t play with you!”

While he spoke, he ran away holding the wooden tube while he laughed.

Ling Long didn’t hesitate to chase, “Turtle, turtle, big turtle! A turtle that a sandbag won’t even kick!”

The little boy ran even faster while he laughed.

While Ling Long ran, she continued to shout, “Turtle, big turtle, useless big turtle!”

Unexpectedly, she ran too fast and in a moment of carelessness, Ling Long fell on the ground. It was so painful that her nose became sore and tears almost fell.

Suddenly, a touch of black appeared in front of her. The summer heat was nowhere to be seen. That touch of black came closer. The coolness became stronger and stronger. Her arm was gently pulled and she stood up. The pain on her knees miraculously disappeared.

“What did you say just now?”

A voice that was as deep as the night. Ling Long was slightly stunned. She looked up and saw that it was actually a beautiful big brother.

“What, what…did I just say?” Ling Long’s head was dizzy. Did she say something just now that offended this big brother?

His face looked very cold and his eyes seemed to be made out of winter ice.

“Mm, what did say just now?” He asked once again. His tone softened a bit.

Ling Long scratched her head and sneaked a glance at the beautiful big brother. She whispered, “I said…turtle, turtle, big turtle…useless big turtle…”

Ling Long’s voice gradually got lower. She knew that it was wrong to scold people, but who let that person made her so angry?!

“Can…you say it once more?”

The beautiful big brother lowered his body and looked up at her.

Ling Long was a bit timid, but that pair of eyes looking at her made her unable to refuse. She said timidly, “Turtle, turtle, big turtle, useless big turtle…”

There was a cool breeze in the evening of the summer bringing the fragrance of the summer flowers, the tenderness of the summer grass, and the rustiness of the summer leaves.

Ling Long stared at the beautiful big brother in front of her. She suddenly wasn’t so scared anymore. She timidly took two steps forward. The small hand that still had mud on it reached to his eyes. While she wiped, she said, “Big brother, your eyes…are raining.”

The End

TLnote: thank you all for reading. I had fun translating this book, although it is a tragedy. What I learned from this book is that communication is key in any relationship, be it friends, family or lovers. NZ and LX suffered so much because of lack of communication. If one of them had talked about their inner feelings, this tragedy wouldn’t have happened. Another thing that I noticed is that people I didn’t expect to recognize LX were able to identify her first than those who love her the most. Perhaps, love truly blinds someone and the third party is always the one who sees the clearest.

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