Voluntary Quarantine

The coronavirus had been going rampant in the Netherlands. It was advised for everyone to stay at home.

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Emperor is in trouble again Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Steal the tiger tally, deliver the dowry

There was no time to lose. My big brother’s validity only lasted for one day. The same night after the sky had darkened, in the name of looking for the regent to have a drink, I used a carriage to transport my beautiful brother into the regent’s residence. Sure enough, the moment the regent saw my brother, his eyes shone. He didn’t even bother anymore that I had broken the bridge of his nose in the past. He kept toasting with me. How could I not understand what his intentions were? After three cups, I said I was drunk. The regent immediately and eagerly let people take me to rest in a side room.

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Seeking Happiness The End Part 2

Ending Part 2 The happy occasion filled the house

In an instant, the bridal sedan chair had been carried to the front door of Gu residence. A pair of matrons of honor went to lift the curtain of the sedan chair to help the bride out of the sedan chair. The crowd immediately became excited. Shu Huan felt that the people behind her were constantly pushing forward,  stepping on her embroidered shoes and almost caused them to get off from her feet.

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