Yu Ren

Chapter 1 Inhuman life
Chapter 2 Rare beauty
Chapter 3 Buying with forcce
Chapter 4 This miss is the law
Chapter 5 The female overlord at the border of the city
Chapter 6 Raised to work like an ox and a horse
Chapter 7 We need to be low key
Chapter 8 One price
Chapter 9 Magical hands bringing the dying back to life advertisements
Chapter 10 Whose supporter is stronger
Chapter 11 The flood reached the Dragon Emperor’s Temple
Chapter 12 Exactly hitting you
Chapter 13 What a nuisance
Chapter 14 It was not easy to look like this
Chapter 15 The arrival of madam
Chapter 16 People buy things, I buy people
Chapter 17 Green eyes
Chapter 18 The features of a ruler
Chapter 19 The features of dying at a young age
Chapter 20 Ruler = handsome man
Chapter 21 Everyone has secrets
Chapter 22 Smooth skinned and tender fleshed poor ghost
Chapter 23 There are wild animals
Chapter 24 The evil delight of stirring up trouble
Chapter 25 The posts of a teacher
Chapter 26 ‘brother and sister’
Chapter 27 Welcoming an auspicious animal
Chapter 28 Expel the tiger, protect the wolf
Chapter 29 One word, kidnapping you for a lifetime
Chapter 30 One day tour at Bai Li Mountain
Chapter 31 Collecting debt
Chapter 32 The general of wild animals
Chapter 33 Not getting into her eyes
Chapter 34 Bai family’s handsome men and beautiful women
Chapter 35 The different treatments of rulers
Chapter 36 Showing power or asking for peace?
Chapter 37 The general survey of marriage
Chapter 38 Outrageous wrong
Chapter 39 The so-called helping the one with reason and not helping the one close to you
Chapter 40 Assassination and robbing
Chapter 41 Professional killer and spy
Chapter 42 The strongest skill of the girl who crossed time
Chapter 43 Useless hero
Chapter 44 Unexpected night
Chapter 45 Emergency
Chapter 46 What calm is called
Chapter 47 Staring till dawn
Chapter 48 Really bad acting
Chapter 49 She is not an ordinary woman
Chapter 50 Praise
Chapter 51 Don’t be attracted to jie
Chapter 52 Very ethical trading
Chapter 53 A very good wife
Chapter 54 The distant relatives of the rich family in the mountains
Chapter 55 Each has their own purpose
Chapter 56 I’m a wildcat, you’re a wilddog
Chapter 57 The requirements that make people speechless
Chapter 58 Is his brain damaged or is he a liar?
Chapter 59 The haunted house in the mountains
Chapter 60 Tempting people to commit crime
Chapter 61 Losing one’s head over lust
Chapter 62 Lust is written on the forehead
Chapter 63 Who is more fierce?
Chapter 64 True gentleman? Fake gentleman?
Chapter 65 Left the bad things for others to do
Chapter 66 Stealing from thieves
Chapter 67 All is for money
Chapter 68 Do you know what shame is?
Chapter 69 Good news, bad news
Chapter 70 Determined to hang on you